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Smith and also Wesson version 39-2 dissassembly
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December 17, 2006, 07:51 PM#1

Can anyone tell me the procedure to field strip a S&W model 39-2 Pistol? i haven"t do the efforts pushing any kind of pins as well hard, in fear of damaging something. Many thanks in advance.

December 17, 2006, 08:19 PM#2

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Remove magazine;Check come ensure weapon is unloaded;Take off safe (it renders it a tiny easier to have actually the hammer back);Pull slide back part way until the notch top top the left next of the slide relax fits right into is about even v the where the pen for the slide release fits right into the structure (the forward part of the slide release). It help to host the slide back with you best thumb on the behind of the grip and also your appropriate palm end the height of the slide near the behind sight;From the right hand next of the weapon, press the pen for the slide release in, seize the slide relax from the left next of the frame and pull it all the method out;Slide the slide off of the prior of the frame;Remove the recoil spring and guide;Remove the barrel:Assembly is the opposite of instalation, other than that there are spring stole levers ~ above the height of the structure that will need to be depressed to gain the slide all the way back.