This is Macbeth"s an initial line the the play, and also it is noteworthy that it echoes the witches" line from the very first scene in which lock say, "Fair is foul, and foul is fair." The paradoxical nature that both these lines sets increase the play"s theme of duplicity and also deceptive appearances, the idea that not all is together it seems.

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In act 1, scene 1, the three witches chant as one:

Fair is foul, and fouls is fair;Hover v the fog and also filthy air.

native the very beginning, Shakespeare essentially sets both the mood and also the main theme the the play; that foreshadows the occasions that are around to...

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In plot 1, step 1, the three witches chant together one:

Fair is foul, and also fouls is fair;Hover through the fog and also filthy air.

From the very beginning, Shakespeare essentially sets both the mood and the key theme of the play; that foreshadows the events that are about to occur and also tells or even warns the readers that nothing is what that seems. Ambition is just another word for remote thirst because that power; beauty is a mask for the ugliness within—a fair confront may hide a foul heart. Appearances have the right to be deceiving.

The quote additionally represents the characters of the witches—creatures the don"t specifically care because that the ideas of an excellent and evil; because that them, an excellent and evil coexist together—implying what"s great might actually be evil, and also what"s evil could actually it is in good. Nature, be it really nature or human being nature, is lawless and also everything and everyone is corruptible.

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Finally, the quote to represent Macbeth, the titular character and also protagonist that the play, as well as Lady Macbeth. In ~ first, general Macbeth is a just and also trustworthy general and a good and loyal friend to the king. Soon, however, he i do not care a cold-blooded killer; a male who, despite feeling guilty and even regretful, permits his ambitious to overpower his morality. Lady Macbeth is one intelligent and well-mannered woman—a lovely and respected lady. Underneath that most likely beautiful and also intelligent face, however, is a cunning and also unscrupulous soul, someone that will no hesitate to execute despicable deeds in bespeak to get power and also fame.