"Who execute you feeling awkward with?" Jae Suk asked Joo Ji Hoon, one of the guest during their filming of episode 202 while everyone is sitting the the train. Jae Suk i found it Ji Hoon to be quiet throughout the journey, simply kept looking out of the window. Ji Hoon to be shocked by his question, he naturally replied by offering a signal with his eye to Gary that was sitting next to him. "What? What did i do?" Gary scream as soon as Ji Hoon signalled that Gary made that awkward. There was a fake laughter in the train and also everyone was awkward around it.

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        every the Running male members knew that Ji Hoon was Ji Hyo's ex boyfriend, yet that was lengthy ago. Both of them to be dating during the drama "Goong" to be filming, then broke up in fairly a poor terms. The members were kind of shocked once they uncovered out that one of the guest was him. They believed the case would be far better by now, since both that them has actually their very own life now. "I just closed my eye the moment I sat alongside him" Gary joked around, even he felt exactly how embarrassing the situation is. While Ji Hyo, satellite behind the totality time. She couldn't laugh at all. 

        It was a small bit far better after once all groups went on separate ways. ~ the team mission,they all gathered again for the last quiz game, i beg your pardon losers will certainly be splashed with loads of waters. Ji Hyo to be being the ace, answering and remembering the questions they room asked come memorize earlier. She to be splashed ~ awhile. Everyone was drenched and also Ji Hoon won the final question, together with his team Kwang Soo and Ji Sung. "CUT!" the camera shuts.

        "As girlfriend all room informed, it's a two days filming. Load up and also we'll move to the hotel" they hurriedly fill their stuffs even when they room all still in your wet shirts. "Ji Hyo-yah, don't record a cold. Go change your clothes first, I'll load up your things" Gary instantly went as much as his girl and held his hand openly. "Don't issue Oppa..i'll just change after getting to the hotel" she smiled. Ji Hoon i found it their evident interactions and also he to be even an ext convinced around their relationship. "Just readjust it now..want me to follow?" he press her in the direction of the direction the the changing room. "Arasso, arasso..I'll carry out it myself" she was acting all weird, do the efforts to prevent as much interactions with Gary. 

        all of them travelled back in the same van and all the man except Gary had actually a little drink in the common area. Fabien and also Otswiri were every hyped up, singing various korean song that they know. While the remainder of the girl guest, Naeun, Bomi and also Cha Yoo lamb went earlier to your rooms for an ext beauty sleep. "Where's Gary? he is gonna love this two" Jong Kook asked Haha, pointing come Fabien and Otswiri. If Gary were there, the situation will it is in even an ext hyped up as Gary loves dancing and also enjoying through a bunch the people. "Must it is in dating through Ji Hyo somewhere here.." Haha, that was a little drunk coincidentally slipped his mouth. All of them heard, however awkwardly laughed. Ji Hoon that was sit at one more corner chit-chatting through Kwang Soo excused self for some time alone. That walked around he lobby, and also up to the pool side. Ji Hoon then experienced a familiar earlier view the a woman sitting alone next to the pool.

    "Ji Hyo.." he daringly relocate towards her and also sat beside. "Annyeong....haseyo.." she speak informally, then continue her greetings in official terms. "How are you?" he spoke firmly, prefer strangers. "Just prefer the old me...nothing much" she replied playing v her own fingers as result of nervousness. There was then pure silence amongst both the them. Ji Hyo felt really uncomfortable. "I recognize I had to untie this problem somehow. Keeping this bottled up within of both of us is not the finest way.." Ji Hoon traction her earlier when Ji Hyo is around to was standing up and also leave. "I'm....sorry because that our rest up. I was young, and also immature" the told her words that has actually been keeping within him for years. Ji Hyo retained quiet. "Our relationship finished in a yes, really bad means because of me. I was sorry, really sorry" his head was facing down all the time. "It's all over now, friend don't have to feel bad about it. We were both immature once. You've readjusted a lot, i beg your pardon is really good. I'm glad you're brave enough to challenge me still" she smiled and gave that a beat on the back, i beg your pardon she usually does in the direction of the other Running man members. "Past is past. We just need to learn from the past and live in the present, don't we?" she continued, letting walk of the past too. "You're still together considerate as you were 7 years ago.." he looked directly to her eyes and smile. "The factor why I autumn in love through you year back" the suddenly carried up that topic again. "Just treat Ga In(Ji Hoon's present girlfriend) better!" she laughed. "You should treat Gary hyung much better too" the joked back. "Looks choose we're exhilaration too evident that people around can conveniently know the we're dating" Ji Hyo laughed embarrassingly. 

        "Oh! whose that?" Gary run in the direction of Ji Hyo in lightning speed. "Ah, Ji Hoon..." the slowed under his footsteps. "We've talked points out.." Ji Hyo educated Gary what taken place earlier. "All far better now?" Gary pat on Ji Hoon's shoulder. "Just enjoy the filming tomorrow. Ji Hyo called me all around it and also it's all good, so, don't worry about being in an awkward situation with me" Gary smile, and Ji Hoon responded with a glowing smile. "I'm sorry i made the atmosphere awkward today, specifically to friend Gary hyung" he stood up, prepare to leave the location for the 2 lovebirds. "I'll go earlier to the usual area to sign up with the others" that smiled and left immediately.

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       "It feels better after the talk" Ji Hyo lie flatly top top the wooden sun deck. "What go you males talk about?" Gary lied down alongside her. "Someone is curious ns see..." she turn encountering him. "Of course ns am.. No matter how open i am, that is still when your boyfriend" that pouted. "Arasso..." she inched closer come him and lie on his shoulder, while Gary wraps his arms about her. "He apologized. But somehow, i don't feel the he must do that. Ns asked him to forget around the past" she said Gary everything. She didn't need to hide something from him anyways. "He stated I'm gift considerate..." she continued, and also noticed just how Gary's expression adjusted into jealousy. "But...I understand no one is an ext considerate 보다 you, Oppa" she cuddle closer to him. "Even after so countless obstacles in our relationship, you're still below to listen and forgive. Just like Chang Joo Oppa's incident, and additionally Ji Hoon. You never offer up ~ above me. Ns wonder why?" Ji Hyo questioned. "Why? because it's you" he responded the simplest but finest answer. "If I had a star for every time girlfriend brightened mine day, I'd have a galaxy in mine hand" she laughed upon saying together cheesy words herself. "Where go you find out all this cheesy stuffs? I thought I'm constantly the cheesy one" he to be laughing really difficult as Ji Hyo wasn't really offered to saying together things. "Stop the Kang Gary, i was trying to act prefer you!" she slapped his chest and also she was certainly blushing.

        The filming next day was much more far better as the knots in Ji Hyo and Ji Hoon's heart is untied. Both of them reap the filming and also mission as much as lock could and the weird interactions to be no much longer there. This incident also made things much more obvious to the rest that something is walking on between Monday Couple. Also so, those the know about their secret relationship retained it to themselves. 

        Filming finished really rapid as Kwang Soo and also Ji Sung was ripping the name-tags aggressively also if it's a mystery mission. Gary pack up and went in come his auto waiting for Ji Hyo together she bids taking leave to that someone which she offered to understand so well, Ji Hoon. "I'll view you any kind of sooner. Take good care the yourself" Ji Hyo waved her hands. "Ji Hyo...one last thing." he relocated forward and also hug her. "Let this hug be the taking leave hug. Thank you because that being a part of mine life. Remain happy" the hugged her for quite some time and also finally allow go. "I understand Gary hyung is a great man. I'll be wait for your large news soon.." he smiled and also bid good-bye too. 


Author's note : 2 updates consecutively prior to my brand-new semester start tomorrow. Liven life is getting here soon. Please note that Ji Hoon was really Ji Hyo's boyfriend okay, but they're all good now. Carry out watch Running man episode 202 and 203 for far better fanfic effect. It rotates the next update, view you!