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All total purchasers will need to furnish a Nebraska issued ID along with a current Firearm Arm acquisition Permit or Concealed lug Permit to purchase a gun. Every buyers are required to fill the end a form 4473 once picking up their firearms.

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For Buyers Needing items Shipped: We can ship weapons from our FFL to your FFL. Shipping and all carry fees will be paid by the buyer. All buyers from external of Nebraska will need to have their weapons shipped to an FFL dealer.

AGREEMENT to TERMS:By bidding in the auction, friend agree to every terms and conditions the the auction.

CREDIT CARD:You will certainly will require to include a credit card to your account to bid. This is provided to verify her account and to save fake bidders from bidding against you. Auction firm does no charge your card for your purchases unless requested or required for payment.

BUYER PREMIUM:10% the person who lives Premium uses to all lots.

PAYMENT:Cash or examine preferred. Credit transaction card permitted under $1,000 with 3.0% fee. Invoices over $1,000 will certainly be required to pay cash or check. Wire transfers welcomed also. Every invoices need paid in complete at ours office top top Feb. 16th and Feb. 17th native 10:00 am - 4:00 PM.

Nebraska sales tax of 5.5% will certainly be included to your invoice. If you room claiming an exemption indigenous sales taxation for Ag or Resale, please finish a Nebraska form 13 unless the auction agency has one top top file. We can likewise email one come you and also have girlfriend scan it back to us. This have the right to be done before the auction whenever also.

All sales space final. Certain no refunds. You are required to pay for her items even if you do not choose them up.

LOADING & SHIPPING: items are situated at our Office/Building 5 mile west that Kearney top top HWY 30. You should pick up your winning items Feb. 16th or Feb. 17th between 10:00 to be & 4;00 PM.

Shipping is available at the buyers expense. Firearms will it is in shipped v 7 organization days of payment & receiving a copy of the FFL license to send lock to. All weapons need to be shipped to a licensed FFL dealer in her state. The buyer or FFL dealer have to supply a copy the the FFL license to the auction firm within 7 work of the auction.

STAGGERED CLOSING: Auction supplies a soft nearby bidding feature to create a live auction atmosphere. Any bids placed within the critical 2 will certainly reset the clock on the item come 2 minutes. This will proceed until there are no bids inserted inside the critical the 2 minutes of the item. Lots can prolong for quite some time if over there is bidding in ~ the end. Every lots are spaced 20-30 secs apart so every items will certainly close end a period of time. Many 1 closes at 6:00PM, lot of 2 at 6:00:20, lot of 3 6:00:40, lot 4 at 6:01, lot 5 at 6:01:20 etc.

MAXBIDS:You space able to kind in any amount of above the present amount and also the computer system will bid on her behalf upto the amount. Example: present bid is $20 and asking because that $25. Girlfriend can type in $75 and the bid will move up come $25. The computer system will proceed to bid upto her max only if someone bids versus you. This is a great feature if girlfriend cannot watch the auction together it closes.

CONDITION:All items market in as-is condition, no warranties to express or implied. All sales space final. No refunds or returns.

INSPECTION: every items are easily accessible for inspection ahead the the auction. To make an meeting to inspect, contact Adam Marshall soil & Auction, llc at 308-455-4410 or adam
adammarshallauction.com. If a publicly preview is offered, it"ll be noted at the peak of the auction website.

NONPAYING BIDDERS:We will ban friend from participating in any of our online & live auctions indefinitely. IF DON"T intended ON adhering to THROUGH through YOUR PURCHASE, do NOT BID.

CATALOG DISCREPANCIES:You are bidding top top the described item not the picture. Descriptions are thought to be accurate but not guaranteed. As soon as you are not details of the condition or usage of an item, please bid accordingly. Please let us know if there is one error. All sales room final, no refunds.

TITLES:A $25.00 location fee will be charged to the the person who lives for any titled item. Titles will be mailed to buyer via certified mail in ~ 21 work of item being payment for and picked up. NO exception .

1. Adam Marshall land & Auction, LLC,(hereinafter described asAMA)is giving internet only bidding for this auction. Bidder acknowledges and also understands the this organization may or might not role correctly at any time, consisting of the auction close up door time. Under no circumstances shall Bidder have any kind that claim against AMA or anyone rather if the internet service fails to work correctly before or throughout the auction closing time. AMA will not it is in responsible for any kind of missed or failure bids from any source. Web bidders that desire to make particular their bid is acknowledged should place their best bids at the very least two hours prior come the auction close up door time. AMA make reservation the best to retract or re-catalog items in this auction. In the event of any type of software problem, failure or other issue, AMA reserves the appropriate to extend the closing times, adjust the extension time, stop, restart or release this auction in ~ its sole discretion. Also though an item may screen as "sold" ~ above the internet, no sales are last until they are certified through AMA and Bidder receives an invoice. AMA make reservation the appropriate to cancel any type of or all sales and resell the item in everything manner that chooses. All residential property shall be eliminated from the premises by the Bidder in ~ her/his very own risk and expense within the time period announced. Every MERCHANDISE PURCHASED at THIS AUCTION have to BE eliminated AT THE scheduled PICKUP time LISTED. NO EXCEPTIONS!

2. If a check accepted through AMA is changed for any kind of reason, Bidder agrees the AMA might re-present that in person or electronically and collect the full amount the the check and a $35 charge. Any type of amount left unpaid candlestick accrue attention at the greatest rate allowed under Nebraska state law. Unless exempted by law, the purchaser chandelier pay all applicable taxes. Bidder agrees to indemnify AMA versus any case if sales taxation is not gathered on Bidder"s purchases. Bidder agrees come not prevent payment on any kind of check payment to AMA. Bidder additional agrees that under no scenarios will he/she start a chargeback ~ above his/her credit transaction card. Location to the merchandise move to Bidder only as soon as Bidder"s payment is honored.

3. AMA might refuse registration and bidding privileges come anyone for fail to pay previous auction invoices, fail to carry out a valid credit transaction card or any other reason. Bidder hereby agrees the AMA might share information about Bidder"s non-payment that auction invoices or shipping charges with various other parties and may seek collection of balances early by any kind of legal means. Bidder agrees to carry out any identification AMA may request including yet not restricted to: driver"s patent & state id card. Bidder agrees to comply with any kind of stated additional terms or conditions associated with certain items.

4. Any/all Purchasers will be meant to depend upon his/her personal inspection or examination of the residential or commercial property being readily available at the Auction, or that of an approved party to Buyer, and not upon any type of representation of warranty or problem by the Seller or the Auction Company. Seller or Auction agency will, in NO WAY, be organized responsible for any kind of discrepancies, damages or loss of any type of property the the Buyer when the Auctioneer says SOLD.

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5. By registering for this auction you agree come be included to AMA"s email list. Each email we send has simple unsubscribe connect at the bottom of the email. Please perform not report our emails as spam. Photo, video clip and audio recording is being made at every auction exhibitions and also removal events. We hope you enjoy our auction and also are may be to do many advantageous purchases. All sales room final.