Our new Aperitivo arsenal is here and also includes 4 brand-new Patron Saint necklace pendants. End the coming weeks we are so excited to burned some light on who we have chosen (After receiving overwhelming suggestions and also feedback from you guys!) as our brand-new St pendants and the meaning behind them. This particular day let"s satisfy St John and learn an ext about the legend behind his name.....

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History 101: who is St John? 

St. John the Apostle to be the boy of Zebedee and also Salome and also was one of the twelve apostles. The is believed that john was the oldest and only apostle to not die favor a martyr.

Saint man was understood as the patron saint that love, loyalty, friendships and also authors. He and Peter to be the just two apostles sent by Jesus come prepare the final Passover enjoy the meal which was the last meal for Jesus. During this meal, Saint john sat beside Jesus, leaning ~ above him for support and hence, living up to his name as the saint that loyalty and also friendships. 


Saint john was the only one of the twelve apostles no to have actually abandoned his friend Jesus in ~ the hour of his passion. That stood faithfully in ~ the cross when Jesus appointed that guardian the his mother, again, showcasing his love and loyalty to his friend.

After the presumption of Mary, John checked out Ephesus follow to the heritage of the Church to honor the promise he had actually made come Jesus.

What makes the St man pendant therefore awesome?

St man is THE pendant for all finest friends. From sister to long-time friends to mums and daughters, brand-new bff’s, traveling pals and highschool besties, St man is a beautiful item to remember the adventures and also moments shared with each other. Undertake this pendant to celebrate her friendship & together a reminder of all the special human being you would carry out absolutely noþeles for. Afterall, one-of-a-kind relationships really room something come cherish!

By wearing your St man necklace everyday, you will be instantly reminded that the love & link that friend share v your unique friend(s). Wearing this pendant method you will have your best friend with you all the time where ever you adventure – hells yes to that!

Shop our St man Pendant – The Patron Saint the Friendships below.

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What material is the St john pendant make from ? 

All Luna & rose jewelry is make from certified recycled Sterling silver that has actually been processed in Thailand from old scrap metals, computer parts and old jewelry. This is climate purified, cleaned and also regenerated right into out 100% Sterling Silver the we integrate with an alloy (to do it stronger – we can’t make jewelry indigenous 100% Sterling Silver!) come make every one of our jewelry with. Our yellow pieces are then plated 3 times v 18kt gold plating. Us are right now sourcing a recyclable 18kt yellow recycled material to usage also…watch this space!

The production of Luna & rose pieces stems native designer Rosie Shelton’s enthusiasm for a much more sustainable means of manufacturing and also an capability to produce the Luna & climbed collections in a completely closed loop production through which there is zero waste. Rosie is also passionate about creating connection and transparency v her manufacturing and also artisans who produce the Luna & climbed designs, making certain the Luna & climbed customers knows exactly who made and how your items were produced. You can discover out much more on the Luna & climbed Sustainable practises over here.