Star Ocean: it rotates the finish of Time is the 3rd installment of the Star Ocean main series. Occurred by tri-Ace and published through Square Enix, this video game was released in 2003 because that PlayStation 2. About the series timeline, this game takes place four hundred years after Star Ocean: The 2nd Story. The video game introduces Fayt Leingod, the key protagonist who is ~ above a mission to conserve his civilization from perish.

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Star Ocean: it spins the end of Time could be among the tri-Ace series that has actually the best fight system; extending the boundaries of conventional turn-based and activity battle system. The combat system is much more similar come the system used in Rogue Galaxy, where it virtually nullifies the device other than active battle mechanism completely. Most of the mechanism in-game is substantial deep, however still fun to be played.

Nobody has questioned tri-Ace’s quality because the an initial Star Ocean video game made in 1996. The graphics, the gameplay, and especially the fight system astonished the football player ever because the start of the series until now; yet I think, Star Ocean: it rotates the finish of Time has actually the ideal plot twisted by far. So, let us not waste any much more time here is the development of the masculine playable characters of Star Ocean: till the end of Time.

1. Fayt Leingod


Fayt is the key protagonist the the game and a college student of Symbological genetics in Bachtein scientific research University. He is a son of Dr. Robert Leingod who was well-known for his famed authority in Symbological Genetics. Although the is a smart lad, that is sort of lazy as soon as it involves college work. His adventure begins when he take it a vacation in Hyda IV, a well known resort planet, to neglect his work.

Fayt wields swords in battle and his normal strike consists of straightforward slashes and kicks. His battle skills reflect his strength of Destruction and also become more magical together he levels up. In regards to style, Fayt is a Symbological Swordsman—just prefer Ashton Anchors from Star Ocean: The 2nd Story hundreds of years prior.

2. Cliff Fittir


Cliff is one more main personality of the video game who is a 36 year old Klausian and a member that the anti-Federation movement: Quark (later revealed together the founder). He frequently works v his partner-in-crime Mirage Koas, and also incredibly solid compared come Earthlings v stamina that much outpaces them. He considers himself as Fayt’s protector and his overview for many of the story, knowing more than he lets on.

Cliff uses fist gauntlets in battle, rejecting any type of weapon such as chisels or guns (with the exemption of his hidden skill: Max Shockwave). His special attack consists mainly of close range multiple fight moves. Cliff’s strike power is higher than most, however in comparison his defense is reduced than Fayt; that is why he is can not to hit a zero level damage of constitution until much additional when better armor is available.

3. I get it S. Huxley


Roger is another one the the playable personalities who is a young Menodix native the Lost City that Surferio which lies in the Sanmite Republic the the planet Elicoor II. His dad is the elder that the Lost City the Surferio. Fayt and also the party stumble throughout him trapped due to a difficulty gone wrong while trying to find Ameena in the Duggus Forest. If the party decided to assist out, Roger might be recruited.

Roger’s fighting style requires a huge axe and a number of traps and also tricks such together land mines. He has actually many strikes which draw enemies come him, in addition to heavy close selection attacks. Roger has a healthy balance of attack, defense, and HP, making the a good melee fighter. His just real weakness is his reduced MP pool and overall MP growth throughout level ups just like Cliff.

4. Albel Nox


Albel is a playable personality in Star Ocean: till the finish of Time. He is one Elicoorian swordsman native the kingdom of Airyglyph. The man who is additionally known together Albel the Wicked fights the group until about half part of the game before he ultimately joins. The proud leader of a group dubbed Black Brigade is quickly recognized by his gauntlet and his katana. The will join the team in stimulate to loss Vendeeni.

Albel’s fighting style is based upon quick assaults with a katana and also making usage of his capacity to channel power through his gauntlet, thus enabling him to strikes both up close and from afar. His Minor assaults are unique, together they deserve to be consecutively chained for as long as his rage lasts, giving him a good combo potential. Albel’s fighting style is a modified variation of the Edarl knife Style.

5. Adray Lasbard


Adray is one of the main personalities of Star Ocean: it spins the end of Time Director’s Cut. The is a member the the Crimson Blade that Aquios and also the dad of the fellow Crimson Blade, Clair Lasbard. Together with Nel’s father, Nevelle Zelpher, they succeeded in sustaining the growth and structure of the Aquarian Kingdom. The opportunity to recruitment him appears if we pick to see the queen the Aquarian prior to fighting Vox.

Adray is a hybrid-type of character, making use of both Symbology and also physical strikes with katanas together his weapon. Plenty of of his physical assaults are very powerful, yet tend come be much more cumbersome and also hard to use. That is often best used together a assistance character to power up allies or assaults enemies native afar. His far ranged attacks also has MP properties, thus he can be rather useful with MP kills.

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Star Ocean series seem to be farming rapidly due to the fact that the first game. Star Ocean: till the end of Time is the first game wherein the graphics room improved significantly with fully rendered 3D. Not only the graphics, the fight system likewise improved to an obstacle the players. And also my favorite character goes to Albel; his bad-guy-turns-good-guy role is interesting, in addition to his gibberish appearance as well.