The room of call induction top top Aug. 7 will be nothing brand-new for former Buccaneers and 49ers quarterback Steve Young. He"s currently had one of those.

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Back in December of 2001, Young was inducted right into the university Football hall of Fame complying with a job at Brigham Young college that ranks as among the best in NCAA history. When he to be done, Young, at the time, ranked 2nd in department I-A background with a 149.8 quarterback rating, just being surpassed by his predecessor in ~ BYU, Jim McMahon. In fact, until Florida"s Danny Wuerffel and also San Diego State"s Billy Blanton ended their careers in 1996 with higher ratings, the top four marks in the NCAA annals all belonged come BYU Cougars. That exact same year, BYU"s Steve Sarkisian finished up v a 157.1 job rating, placing the behind Wuerffel and McMahon at the top of the list.

It is an ext than simply the device that lugged Young to Salt Lake City. Young"s great, great, great grandfather to be Brigham Young, the school"s founder! yet Young didn"t get any kind of special treatment. He spent two years on the bench behind McMahon, who at some point led the Chicago bears to a victory in Super bowl XX, before throwing for 7,733 yards and 56 touchdowns in usually two full years.

After graduating with a degree in worldwide Relations and being rewarded by the NCAA v a optimal V Award and postgraduate scholarship in 1984, Young go on come play skilled football … in the United states Football League. Torn apart through a decision to it is in a star in the fledgling league or tempt fate in the NFL, Young made decision to authorize with the Los Angeles Express. After 2 years in the USFL, the league ceased operations and Young became a member the the 1-10 Tampa only Buccaneers.

He to be traded to mountain Francisco after ~ his second year through the Bucs for second- and also fourth-round breeze choices. And also the rest is history.

Classified information
Notes from an actual scouting report Gil Brandt wrote on Young for Dallas in December the 1983:Young is 6-0½, 205 pounds, and runs the 40-yard dash in 4.55. Young can beat you with his arm, mind or feet. He can throw the out path or the bomb. Renders very an excellent decisions, however loves to take it off and run. Completed over 65 percent of his passes v the Cougars. Best completion percent of any kind of QB to date at BYU. He to be a two-year starter and also played behind Jim McMahon in 1980-81. He was skittery … might be the ideal word explain him. Need to settle him under to store him from obtaining hurt in the NFL. The drifts at times, make it tough for happen protectors. Should have actually no trouble correcting this in the NFL. Need to be a starting quarterback and also should obtain a team into the playoffs."Being the multi-great grandson of Brigham Young, it didn"t take long for people to start requesting Steve come speak. Throughout his 4 years as a Cougar, he speak at least four or five times a week, and also was requested many more times than that. He was frequently late or double-booked, however he constantly did an exceptional job.

Young will be the third person ever to have actually his jersey retirement by the BYU football program, and the an initial in about 40 years. But his accomplishments go past the field. Not just did Young receive a law degree in 1994, but he spends countless hours v charities and speaking engagements. And this goes earlier to his collegiate days. Young has always been one to market his services for the greater good.

We really wanted himI mental Young"s exit from college because that a very far-reaching reason. Not just did the Cowboys and also myself have actually our eye on Young together a feasible draft pick, however it was the process in which ns tried to sway the Young household to have Steve enter the NFL draft and not walk to the USFL.

When I obtained wind that Young to be going to sign a document contract through the L.A. Express, I placed a phone call to his Greenwich, Conn., house. Young"s father, LeGrand, to be traveling in ~ the time. And also after hrs of searching across the country, literally, I gained ahold that LeGrand at the united Airlines Red Carpet Room in the Denver airport. The phone speak to wasn"t enough to keep Young the end of the USFL, however that"s what the BYU grad meant to me and also the NFL.

Finding Mr. Young was harder than finding the secrets to Ft. Knox.

Several years ago I was at the Walter Camp All-America awareness in new Haven (Conn.), and also Steve and his mom and dad to be there. His parents were celebrating your 40-year wedding anniversary that night. LeGrand quiet couldn"t gain over exactly how I found him the day ago in 1984.

A watch from the inside

Go into the head coach"s office at BYU and also you will uncover Shirley Johnson, a fixture the the football program. Johnson has been the secretary there because that the previous 28 years and knows everything there is to know around the Cougars. She began working over there just prior to Young came in together a freshman. Johnson had some fond memories of one of her favourite players:

"As much as the is accomplished, as confident as he appears, as smart and talented and also successful together he is, he still questions himself. He always claims he was the eighth-string quarterback as soon as he obtained here. I"ll never forget the day he determined to go to the USFL. He came in and just bawled. He constantly wants to carry out the best thing, the appropriate thing, the great thing.

"One day ns wore a red, white and blue dress, and Steve and also another player stood on the sidewalk outside my office and also sang the Star Spangled Banner at the optimal of your lungs, all while saluting me. If you"ve heard Steve sing, you"ll recognize why it was doubly embarrassing."I"m so happy because that this respect he is receiving. After ~ watching him endure through the USFL, run for his life in Tampa Bay, and stand top top the sideline because that years the town hall Joe Montana, I experienced him take the reins with the 49ers and just reap himself. The look on his face after they winner the Super key was pure joy."

Now it"s time because that a couple of items about Steve Young the you may or may not have actually known.

Steve Young and Sammy Baugh are the just quarterbacks to win 6 NFL pass titles.
Younvg is the first left-handed quarterback come be chosen to the room of Fame.
Young holds the NFL record for most consecutive 300-yard gamings with six earlier in 1998.
Young"s job quarterback rating is 96.8 and also he"s the only player in the league to have actually a QB rating of an ext than 100.0 in a solitary season 6 times.
Not just a soccer player, Young has written a children"s publication entitled Forever Young.
Young go on a family vacation come Canton, Ohio, and also the hall of Fame once he to be 12 years old.
His hero was roger Staubach.

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At Young"s wedding, there were less than 100 people in attendance. He has about 550 human being coming for his enshrinement.