Pretty self-explanatory. I've to be looking to gain a pair of sugar gliders, ideally locally, due to the fact that shipping deserve to be an extremely stressful because that the animals, no to mention expensive as hell for the humans. Is over there a reputable, ethical petshop or breeder that sells these little guys in/around Austin? I'm not picky around breeds and also whatnot, as long as they're healthy and well taken treatment of, and properly tamed/domesticated, it's all I treatment about. Thank you in advance. EDIT: It seems I hadn't excellent my full homework on the moral ramifications of owning sugar gliders. I'll be searching for a hypoallergenic kitty, then. Many thanks for informing me, r/Austin. I appreciate it.

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There space zero honest pet shops or breeders the will market you a street glider since it is unethical to save them together pets. Obtain a cat or a dog.

Second comment- seriously why execute you want an unethical pet? There's plenty of cats and also dogs that need great homes.

Do some research on why street gliders are unethical come keep. Don't be selfish and make an pet live in a miserable case just due to the fact that you think that is cute.Rats are certainly awesome pets. If you desire a small cute thing in a cage, acquire a rat. They room actually domesticated, simple to treatment for, and super smart. My rat is obsessed through me and also likes to be held like a baby.

Why? grow up and embrace an pet that requirements a love owner. I understand you're too occupied with vaping and your fidget spinner however you could entirely fix up her Volkswagen and head on under to the animal shelter and embrace a pet that demands a good home instead of harboring exotic pets in your apartment off of 183.

Excuse me for no knowing. Since you seem to it is in a self-righteous asshole, why don't you walk out and also ride her vintage unicycle back on under to Juice soil while her trust-fund girl friend goes to an avocado brunch.

See just how it feeling to make ridiculous judgments top top people? posesthe off.

They are very cute! Unfortunately, my friend is allergy to many furry things, and rats shed. Yet thanks for the recommendation.

Call zookeepers, lock will understand where to get them. I don't recommend them together pets though, you won't find one the was bred in a responsible healthy environment that's simply the means it is.

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Yeah...apparently ns was misinformed by numerous people. Walk some better research this day after some of the comments I experienced here. Looks choose I'm gonna offered to number out whereby to cleverly hide a litterbox in mine smallish apartment.