The pink ribbon is an international symbol of chest cancer awareness. Pink ribbons, and also the shade pink in general, recognize the wearer or promoter through the chest cancer brand and also express ethical support for women with breast cancer. Pink ribbons are most commonly seen throughout National breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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Charlotte Hayley, that had fought breast cancer, presented the concept of a peach coloured chest cancer awareness ribbon. She fastened them come cards saying, "The national Cancer Institute"s yearly budget is 1.8 billion united state dollars, and also only 5 percent goes to cancer prevention. Aid us wake up our legislators and America by put on this ribbon."

Haley was strictly grassroots, handing the cards the end at the neighborhood supermarket and also writing influential women, anyone from former first Ladies come Dear Abby. Her article spread by word of mouth. Haley spread thousands of this cards.

The peach fancy ribbon of Hayley aroused interest from Alexandra Penney, editor in chef of me magazine, that was working on me magazine"s 1992 nationwide Breast Cancer Awareness Month issue. She experienced the initiative to adapt to Hayley"s idea by working with her. However Hayley rubbish the market saying that Self"s plan was too commercial.

Unable to use the Hayley"s peach ribbon for legal reasons, me magazine and other world interested on cultivating the chest cancer awareness through a ribbon a symbol determined to go pink.


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The shade pink is thought about feminine in contemporary Western countries. The evokes classic feminine gender roles, caring for other people, gift beautiful, being good, and being cooperative.

The pink ribbon represents are afraid of breast cancer, hope for the future, and also the charity goodness the people and also businesses who publicly support the breast cancer movement. It is intended come evoke solidarity through women who currently have chest cancer.

Breast cancer establishments use the pink ribbon to associate themselves v breast cancer, to promote chest cancer awareness, and to assistance fundraising. Some breast cancer-related organizations, such together Pink Ribbon International, use the pink ribbon together their primary symbol. Susan G. Komen because that the Cure supplies a stylized "running ribbon" as their logo.

While especially representing chest cancer awareness, the pink ribbon is additionally a symbol and also a proxy that goodwill in the direction of women in general. Buying, wearing, displaying, or sponsoring pink ribbons signals that the person or organization cares about women. The pink ribbon is a marketing brand for businesses that permits them to encourage themselves with women and identify themselves together being socially aware. Compared to other women"s issues, cultivating breast cancer awareness is politically safe.


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Each October, hundreds, if not thousands, of commodities are emblazoned with pink ribbons, fancy pink, or otherwise offered with a promise that a small portion of the total cost gift donated to support breast cancer awareness or research.

The first breast cancer awareness stamp in the U.S., featuring a pink ribbon, was issued 1996. As it walk not market well, a new stamp with an emphasis on research study was designed. The new stamp does not function the pink ribbon.

In Canada, the royal Canadian Mint produced a silver- commemorative chest cancer coin. 15,000 coins to be minted throughout 2006. On one next of the coin, a portrait of she Majesty Queen Elizabeth is illustrated, while on the other side a pink ribbon has actually been enameled. Additionally, 30 million 25-cent coins were minted with pink ribbons during 2006 for regular circulation. Designed by the mint"s manager of engraving, Cosme Saffioti, this fancy coin is the 2nd in background to be put into consistent circulation.


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Intellectual home status

In most jurisdictions, the pink ribbon is taken into consideration public domain. However, in Canada, the Canadian breast Cancer structure claimed property of the ribbon together an trademark till it to be voluntary abandoned.


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In 2000, NABCO payment Namco to put the pink ribbon top top Ms. Pac-Man. On Sunday, 10 October 2010, all King functions Syndicate comic strips were published in shades the red and also pink, through the ribbon appearing prominently in one panel.

Pink Ribbon Ride

The Women"s international Motorcycle Association and also other women"s motorcycle clubs theorem Pink Ribbon motorcycle charity rides during which riders are recognized to decorate their motorcycles through pink brassieres.<3>

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The Pink ribbon project is frequently used in cause-related marketing, a cooperation between non-profits and also businesses to encourage a product that also supports a cause. Because the pink ribbon is no licensed by any corporation, that is more open to gift abused through businesses that donate small or none of their revenue to chest cancer research. While service providers such as Estée Lauder have spread over 70 million pink ribbons, and also donated over $25 million to chest cancer research, other companies have actually been found using the pink ribbon inappropriately--either by not donating your profits, or by using the pink ribbon on assets that include ingredients which reason cancer.


The misuse that marketing projects by businesses making use of the pink ribbon top top their commodities have been explained as pinkwashing, a portmanteau the pink ribbon and whitewash, which to be coined by chest Cancer Action. They use the term come highlight service providers or products which function a pink ribbon without donating much more than a negligible or token lot of money come a charity or through no transparency about where the funds room going.

It likewise describes the usage of a pink ribbon on assets with known or suspected links to cancer. The use of chest cancer or the pink ribbon in reason marketing come promote commodities such as weapons or pornography has additionally drawn controversy.

Pink Ribbons, Inc.

Associate professor of kinesiology and health studies at Queen"s college Samantha King claims in her 2006 book Pink Ribbons, Inc.: breast Cancer and the national politics of Philanthropy that chest cancer has been reinvented from a serious an illness and separation, personal, instance tragedy come a market-driven industry of survivorship and corporate sales pitch. The book inspired a 2012 nationwide Film plank of Canada documentary, Pink Ribbons, Inc., command by Léa Pool, which highlights instances of corporate misuse that the pink ribbon and other issues approximately the campaign.

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Breast Cancer Action

San Francisco-based breast Cancer activity calls the annual awareness project "Breast Cancer sector Month" come emphasize the prices of treatment. Your "Think before You Pink" project urges world to "do something as well as shop." The team has particularly excoriated major cosmetic suppliers such together Avon, Revlon, and also Estée Lauder, i m sorry have asserted to promote women"s health while at the same time using known and/or doubt cancer-causing chemicals, such together parabens and phthalates in their products.

Other meanings of the pink ribbon

Pink Ribbon Publishing firm was a legitimate publishing firm based in Brisbane, Australia, operating from July 1987 come November 1999. A pink ribbon is provided to tie increase a short for shipment to one English barrister. The pink ribbon in this context is usually described as "pink tape" or "legal tape". Additionally see "red tape". Pink ribbons for girls (and blue for boys) were provided from the mid-19th century on christening gowns in Paris, and to a minimal extent in the unified States. In St. Petersburg (Russia) ribbons that the same shade scheme were supplied on white funeral shrouds for youngsters

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