Medically the evaluation by Carissa Stephens, R.N., CCRN, CPN — composed by Jenna Fletcher on September 20, 2017

Nephroptosis is a rare problem where a who kidney fall down right into the pelvis when they stand up.

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In part cases, nephroptosis can cause severe symptoms, consisting of flank pain and also blood in the urine.

The problem has a long background of debate that surrounding its diagnosis and also treatment. However, imaging studies deserve to now carry out confirmation that its presence and of what is recognized as a floating kidney.

Share on PinterestNephroptosis is the clinical term supplied for floating or cell phone kidneys.
Nephroptosis is once there is boosted mobility in the kidneys. People with nephroptosis have kidneys that move downward the end of their regular position once they stand up.

The condition can lead to intense abdominal pain, nausea, and also vomiting when standing, yet it may also cause no symptom at all.

Nephroptosis has long to be controversial. The hatchet was an initial used in 1885. Due to the fact that then, it has been associated with countless different symptoms, including:

hysteriaweight losskidney painpalpitations

Due come the range of symptoms connected to nephroptosis, doctors started to overlook it together a genuine disease.

Today, however, the existence of nephroptosis can be evidenced through the use of medical imaging excellent while a person is standing and also laying down.

As far as the treatment options are concerned, these have likewise been widely debated for numerous years.

For a long time, the treatment an approach of an option was come use surgical procedure to connect the floating kidney to the abdominal wall. However, the procedure fell out that favor due to the fact that of the risks and also the truth that the did not constantly resolve the symptoms.

Today, some surgeons will certainly still carry out this procedure if someone shows long-lasting symptom of nephroptosis.


Because nephroptosis is not well understood, physicians are not details what reasons the condition.

Some doctors think that nephroptosis may be brought about in component by any type of event the weakens the ligaments that organize the kidney in place within the body. This events could include any of the following:

sudden, dramatic weight losspregnancy and also childbirthinjury come the abdomen or spinal columnfrequent extreme exercise

Risk factors

People with nephroptosis have tendency to have particular common traits. These traits might make a person an ext likely to build nephroptosis.

Females are much more likely to have actually nephroptosis than males. Other determinants that may put a person at threat include:

recurrent urinary street infections or stoneslarger than usual area in the human body containing the kidneys

Symptoms the nephroptosis deserve to vary in intensity. Most human being who have actually nephroptosis will certainly not have plenty of symptoms, or they will be mild.

The symptoms may incorporate a feeling of heaviness or dragging in the abdomen when standing that is relieved once lying down.

However, in a small percentage of civilization with nephroptosis, symptoms have the right to be severe. This can incorporate the following:

severe flank pain the comes and also goesblood in the urineabnormally fast heart ratenausea and vomitingproducing only little amounts of urine

When a human being experiences this symptoms, the is well-known as Dietl’s crisis.


Nephroptosis is i can not qualify to it is in dangerous. However, there space complications that have the right to occur. This include:

kidney infectionshigh blood pressurelack the blood flowing to the kidneys

A human being with nephroptosis have the right to expect other feasible causes of their symptoms come be functioned through throughout a diagnosis.

Doctors will regularly test the blood and urine. Blood occupational will periodically come ago normal if blood will be discovered in the urine. At this time, a doctor may order imaging studies.

Nephroptosis can finest be diagnosed by a series of imaging studies that produce what is well-known as a urogram. If a medical professional suspects nephroptosis is the cause of a who symptoms, they will likely order the check to it is in done through dye included to the bloodstream to assist them view the kidneys.

The test must be done as soon as the human is laying down and also when they room standing up. The pictures in a person with nephroptosis plainly show the kidney descending under by roughly 5 centimeters.

There are many treatment viewpoints to nephroptosis. Some doctors recommend beginning treatment v noninvasive approaches, such as weight acquire or practice to strengthen the abdominal wall.

If symptoms execute not improve with these treatment options, medical professionals may think about surgery. There room several methods that have the right to be offered to fix the mobile kidney into a long-term location.

Due to the rarity that nephroptosis, however, not much is known around surgical outcomes and whether or not surgical treatment treats the symptoms effectively. Some study does indicate that those who undergo a surgical treatment might have good outcomes.

Laparoscopic renal fixation shows up to it is in the many promising surgery available. Through this technique, just a tiny cut is do to permit the operated doctor to access the kidney.

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As the have to perform this type of surgery is so small, this procedure has actually not become standardized yet, and outcomes have actually not been well learned or recorded.