I purchase this blower from Lowes. After making use of it for 5 minute the motor began smoking and also then captured on fire and completely melted. I reviewed on heat after this happened and saw some things around using a heavy guage extension? ns did not check out anything in the instructions around this gift a problem? obtained refund from Lowes.


Columbia, SC


task pressure blower?vac

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 this is ok, the does what it says,sucks up leaves, dont try any type of twig or small branch it will clog increase the pipe in a love beat. Yet my key ,main complain is the bag,it states on package that the bag will wear out and also need replacing,but the does no say that after 9 bags there iwll it is in a feet in it and also it i do not care useless unless u replace it.,that is some crap!!!!


Waco, TX


Task force Blower/Mulcher

IMy wife acquisition a job Force electric Blower/Mulcher with metal impeller because that me as a gift.I had one more brand that been making use of for a lengthy time and it provided an excellent service. However this new one is far superionr come the one ns was using. The blows pipeline so much much better and through such force. I choose that about it. It likewise works together a vaccumn mulcher and I favor that also. The does a much far better job together a sheet vaccumn 보다 my vault unit.. That does infact choose up and also mulch tiny twings and also mulches castle well. And also leaves. The large vaccumn pipe is an extremely adequate, and works well for that. Ns do have a trouble with the bag, it is not adequate, that is big enough but not do of great material. The very first time I provided it, it arisen a feet in the bag wherein the leaves enter the bag. Mine wife, being a good seamstress had actually made a great workable repair by sewing in a big patch the duct form material. Other than the I choose it a lot. 


Poteet, TX


Task pressure leaf blower sucks, however not enough!

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Task pressure Task grasp Leaf Blower Sucks! Isn"t that what the is supposed to do? Yes, however it doesn"t suck sufficient and thats the problem! the refuses come mulch and chop small branches, twigs and pine cones. That mulches leaves pretty well yet who has leaves with out pinecones or twigs combined in. The bag is little which means I spend most of mine time emptying the bag and re-attaching the bag come the unit only to empty and also reattach again. My hand goes numb indigenous the vibrations and that is not an extremely comfortable. I purchased this in the late spring 2010 because it was the only version left ~ above the shelf at Lowes. It was comparably priced through others and ns was no hope to clean increase my yard in my recently purchased home. Unfortunately, I ended up going ago to the great old rake and also trash have the right to method. Ns wish I would certainly have gon ewith a brand I could trust prefer Toro. This product works great as a blower however I plan to usage it together a sheet mulcher and also chipper. I would certainly love to purchase a better quality blower chipper mulcher yet for currently I am sticking v my rake! how I hate the fall leaves!


Tuckerton, NJ


Don"t think I could live without it.

I will certainly be the very first to admit that I never ever thought I required a leaf blower before. I always figured the leaves would either blow away, gain mulched as soon as my lawn business mowed the grass, or I could have the children rake. My husband convinced me that this leaf blower was needed. It has actually a vacuum and also mulcher. For this reason we obtain it and also I have to admit it was the ideal thing I can have to buy this fall. Not only does it blow the leaves, it deserve to mulch them and suck them up right into a bag the slings best over your shoulder. I can not believe how efficient it was. What should have actually taken up to 5 garden waste bags was able to be stuffed into two because of the mulching option. It to be fantastic! The bag is no that huge so it did need to be cleared several times. Yet that problem is fine worth the other conveniences. And the finest part- the is electrical so the is likewise envrionmentally friendly. Ns can"t believe I waited so lengthy to buy one.