In Taylor Swift"s brand-new video because that "Look What girlfriend Made Me Do," new Taylor climbs atop a mountain of old, maybe dead Taylors, and at the end they all rib every other about "playing the victim" and also looking surprised every the time. One of these old Taylors is the one native "You Belong through Me," who wore a t-shirt that stated "Junior Jewels" in marker along with a bunch of surname of she friends.

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In the new video, however, the surname on the shirt have been replaced with the very first names of Taylor"s real-life friends, leading pan to wonder even if it is or not exemption from the shirt method exclusion from the squad. Here"s a finish list of visible names:

Alana Danielle Este Lena Ed Blake & Ryan Selena Todrick Gigi Patrick Abigail Claire Lily Martha



Notably absent from the shirt are erstwhile squad members Lorde, Karlie Kloss, Ruby Rose, Cara Delevingne, Hailee Steinfeld, Ellie Goulding, Serayah, Jaime King, Uzo Aduba, and also Emma Stone. Some of these space unsurprising — Hailee Steinfeld, for example, as soon as said the the group didn"t check out each various other as regularly as human being thought, and Taylor and Emma haven"t showed up to be close for a while — yet some the the other omissions are a tiny odd. Karlie and Taylor were when so close the they mutual a Vogue cover and Taylor preserved a room because that Karlie in her home! for this reason what gives? are they no friends anymore? go Taylor simply run the end of room top top the shirt, or forget every her friends" names since there are too many?

Given the this entire song and video clip is about playing v her very own image, it"s also entirely possible that this shirts is simply a large fake-out and Taylor guess that composing only pick names ~ above the shirt would lead human being to making these kinds of speculations. For this reason well-played, ns guess? due to the fact that look what you made me do.

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