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Terry M. Foster was initially a 1977 LPN graduate of Booth Memorial Hospital school of helpful Nursing in Covington, Kentucky. After working for 4 years together an LPN in both the ED & ICU, he received his RN diploma indigenous The Christ Hospital college of Nursing, Cincinnati, and in 1997 received his Master’s degree in Critical-Care and also Trauma Nursing from the college of Cincinnati college of Nursing and also Health. During his career, he has held location of volunteer, ward clerk, staff nurse, fee nurse, critical-care instructor, clinical director and night supervisor, in ~ both the Mercy Hospitals that Cincinnati, Ohio, and also at St. Elizabeth Medical facility in northern Kentucky. His primary locations of nursing endure have constantly been in the Emergency Department and also Critical-Care units where he has actually national certifications in four areas: critical-care nursing, emergency nursing, pediatric emergency nursing, and trauma nursing.Terry has authored much more than 40 experienced publications in assorted textbooks, nursing, and healthcare journals. He has actually lectured top top a wide variety of clinical topics at nursing seminars and also conferences throughout the USA, having provided a full of end 5000 formal presentations, spanning all 50 states by the moment he rotate 50 years old. Country he is a well-known and also sought-after speaker on education humor, and also clinical subject on critical-care and also emergency nursing, constantly representing St. Elizabeth, and nurses, in a confident light. As a expert humorist, terry has likewise performed in ~ the las Vegas Caesar’s Palace, Atlantic City’s trump card Tower, and at regional comedy venues in the higher Cincinnati area.An active community volunteer, he frequently volunteers because that Covington’s Parish Soup Kitchen, holy Cross Catholic Church, the Cincinnati arts Association, “Chicks & Chucks” breast Cancer support group, and oversees the operation of the Peggy Foster Memorial Fund. That is also a member that the executive committee of the St. Elizabeth foundation and volunteer on multiple charitable boards and also especially for fundraiser events. He has actually previously served for numerous years on the alumni plank of The Christ Hospital institution of Nursing, and also currently offer on the boards of Rosedale Green and also the north Kentucky wellness Department. Terry has actually been the recipient of the Judith Kelleher award, i beg your pardon is the greatest award, provided by the nationwide Emergency nurses Association and he was inducted together a other into the Academy of Emergency Nursing, an internationally appointed group of accomplished emergency nursing leader from approximately the world. In 2018, terrycloth was elected to a three-year term on the nationwide Emergency nurses Association board of Directors. In 2020, he was elected Secretary/Treasurer the the ENA.Over the previous ten years, Terry has actually been featured in ten illustration of The Learning networks (TLC) national TV regimen “Untold story of the ER.” the is the an initial RN to ever before be featured ~ above this physician only based tv show.​Since 1998, Terry has been the Critical-Care Clinical Nurse specialist in the six Emergency department at St. Elizabeth health care system (a Magnet designated hospital) based in Edgewood, Kentucky. In June, 2017, terrycloth was promoted to the dual role of Ambassador because that the St. Elizabeth foundation along v his place as a Clinical Nurse professional in the Emergency Departments. He has actually been work in this six-hospital system due to the fact that 1975.
CovidPowerTalkSince March, 2020, the world of health treatment has been turned upside down. Patient demands, complicated work environments, and also burnout have gone to an all-time high. The intensity, urgency and uncertainty are everyday stressors. Listen to this front-line ER nursediscuss several of his most systematic experiences--both great and bad--during this pandemic.Learn some principles for just how to keep a healthy attitude, convey positivity and also a "can do" approach in the workplace, and also by all means, utilizing humor as a proven coping mechanism--even in the darkest the times.Humor in Healthcare​Healthcare employee share a very "unique" brand that humor. Healthcare experts have often said, "You can"t make this stuff up" together with "We can write a book!" the doesn"t issue if her target audience is from radiology, the lab, a clinic or even the surgical procedure department. If you occupational in healthcare, you"ll "get it!" The speaker will certainly relate to exactly how we use humor, regularly as a coping mechanism, to get us v a bad transition or even a dire situation. This fun and energizing presentation, frequently placed at the end of a conference day, will certainly leave your team laughing at all the crazy ingredient we see in healthcare."How deserve to You Laugh at That?" A Closer Look in ~ the usage of feeling in NursingThis fun and enlightening talk will emphasis on the very "different" feeling of humor mutual by all nurses. Often used as a coping mechanism, this speaker will explain the proper uses of our form of humor. Our humor invokes a optimistic attitude and unites us, no matter what her area or era, of nursing practice. Plan to be completely entertained! (Note: please empty her bladder totally prior come attending this session).

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The Bizarre and also the Spectacular: Unique instances in Emergency Care​This great will emphasis on several of the most unique cases that have been watched in the Emergency Department. The speaker-a 30+ years endure ED nurse-will explain unusual varieties of patience history, mechanism of injury, clinical presentation, and other "contributing factors" that make an amazing case. This talk is very educational and also entertaining and audience joining is strongly encouraged.Surviving and Thriving in the Crazy people of Nursing!Do you sometimes simply need come hear about the good things registered nurses do? listen to this practical, realistic, and positive talk around the supportive and also caring job-related of nursing. We"ll talk around what makes registered nurses tick-as well as what deserve to tick united state off! We"ll also laugh at few of the crazy and also funny things that only registered nurses know. Sit back, relax, listen, laugh, and restore your pride together a experienced nurse!Emergency Nursing: The Sacred and also the Profane; all Rolled into One!As emergency nurses, we suffer both sacred and profane interactions on a day-to-day basis. On the prior lines, we frequently see the best and also the worst elements of our society. This lecture focuses on some of those i can not forget moments and also lessons learned in emergency nursing. Plan to be enlightened, reflective, and entertained together this speak reviews and reminds us why emergency nursing is our preferred profession!