define how a bright heat spectrum is developed in terms of power transitions the the electrons in an atom together they relocate from one power level to one more Qualitatively relate the power of digital transitions to the certain colors of irradiate observed. Accurately determine the presence of an facet in one unknown mixture by comparing the emission spectrum of a mixture with the emissions spectrum of specific element.

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Resources irradiate emission information from the lab for specific elements modern-day Chemistry, pp.

Prerequisites Bohr design of the atom, visible irradiate spectrum colors

Vocabulary In the an are below, define ground state, excited state, spectral lines, heat emission spectrum

Model 1: production of an emission Spectrum

����������� InBohr�s atomic model an atom�s electrons space assigned to specific energylevels.� The atom is in its soil statewhen the electrons accounting the lowest possible energy levels.� once an electron absorbs sufficient energyit moves to a higher energy level to develop an excited state.� once the electron releases the energy, itdrops ago to a lower energy level.� energy is released in the form of light!�The wavelength that the light indicates the difference between the energyof these 2 levels.� each wavelength oflight synchronizes to a particular color of irradiate (which might or may not be in thevisible area that the spectrum).�Consequently, atom emit a characteristic collection of discrete wavelengths,not a consistent spectrum.

Since each element hasits own distinctive electron arrangement, the light that is emitted by the atomsproduces an emissions spectrum that deserve to be provided to recognize the element.� In various other words, an atomic spectrum have the right to be usedas a �fingerprint� for an aspect because it is unique for each element andreflects the power levels occupied by the electrons in one atom of the element.


First, recognize what color is observed for eachof the gas samples below.

Metallic Element

Color of the Flame







Key Questions

1. What is the difference in between an excited andground state of an atom?

2. What happens as soon as electrons move from theexcited state come the ground state?

3. What colour of visible light are discovered in theemission spectrum that hydrogen?

Model 2:� energy Level diagram forthe Hydrogen Atom

If atoms only emit discrete wavelengths of light,then an atom�s power levls have the right to only have actually discrete energies.� The power level diagram listed below illustratessome that the energy levels discovered in a hydrogen atom, with arrows mirroring thecorresponding electron transitions that produce its clearly shows emissionspectrum.� The transitions presented arefrom excited states to the 2nd energy level.� Transitions come ground state perform not fall in the visible range.


����������������������������������� violetblue green red

Key Questions

4. What happens to the energy of the electron toproduce the observed spectral lines?

5. For the element hydrogen, i m sorry color(wavelength) of irradiate is created by the largest power drop of anelectron?� define your answer (based onthe model).

6. Which color of irradiate is produced by thesmallest power drop of an electron?�Explain her answer.

7. Why perform different facets emit various colorsof light?


8. In design 2, all of the transitions stop atn=2.� If a transition were to it is in shownin the diagram, would you suppose the light to be in the infrared or ultravioletregion of the spectrum?� define youranswer.


1. Below are the bright line spectra that fourelements and also the spectrum of one unknown gas.

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a) Whichelements are in the unknown?

2. In a forensic investigation, it to be suspectedthat the victim was poisoned through a toxic chemical which contains the elementcopper and also accumulates in large amounts in hair and other tissues.� utilizing your expertise of emissions spectra,design a technique by i beg your pardon you can confirm the presence of this toxin in thevictim.� include the sources andequipment girlfriend would have to make a definitive determination.