There space a many of different answers, relying on who friend ask, once it involves the difference in between baptism and also christening. Most of this answers space incomplete or simply plain wrong. Part say the distinction is the amount or kind of water, some say that a matter of age, others still that it varies depending upon the kind of church. These alone are all wrong! While these play a variable in the overall difference, none of them is the true, full, and complete answer.

Most human being use the native "Baptism" and also "Christening" interchangeably. This is yes in the feeling that the connotations median basically the very same thing. However there are significant literal and also historical differences often forgotten, overlooked, or misconstrued.


Baptism: Baptism is a Greek word. Prior to Christianity, baptism to be the routine use of water for purification. Christian baptism is defined as a sacrament marked by the routine use of water and also admitting the recipient right into the Christian community. This is the traditional term used and also is an official sacrament that the Catholic Church. Baptism methods vary in between churches, but it virtually always involves the Trinitarian invocation ("I baptize girlfriend in the name of the father, the son, and also the holy spirit"). In some instances recipients are totally submerged in water, and also in other cases it might be poured or sprinkled end the head. The more quickly non-biblical develops of baptism were referred to in the Didache about 100 AD. This referral speaks to the baptism of adults fairly than children. Roughly the same time we have actually references indigenous others around infant baptism being customary. Native the 3rd century, onward, teams of believer baptized babies as standard exercise (although part families preferred to wait until the child was older).

Christening: presented in the 14th century, Christening is the ceremony of baptizing and naming a child. It originates from English culture and no properly characterized in the modern-day day. Many dictionaries will describe "baptism".


1)Baptism is a classic sacrament, Christening is not. 2)Baptism deserve to be done at any age, christening is traditionally for babies and young kids 3)Christening usually entails a specify name ceremony, baptism commonly does not 4)Christening is once water is poured or sprinkled on the head, when the method for baptisms vary 5)Baptism was practiced and also mentioned by name before Christianity, Christening was first referenced in the 14th century 6)Some churches think christening is an action of submission to god, rather don’t. However all take into consideration baptism a submission to god. 7)"Baptism" is a Greek word, "Christening" is English

Groups who exercise infant baptism:

roman Catholic Greek Orthodox Russian Orthodox eastern Orthodoxy Armenian Apostolic Church Assyrian Church Anglican Communion Lutheran Presbyterians Methodists Church the the Nazarene

Groups that normally refuse infant baptism:

Baptists Apostolic christians Old Time Missionary Baptists Pentecostals Mennonites Amish Seventh-Day Adventists Jehovah’s Witnesses Mormon Church

Based ~ above interpretations top top biblical passages, these churches have determined to one of two people undergo, or postpone baptism until later on in life. The arguments are made the baptism is supposed to it is in the action of transforming yourself over to god, and that infants are also young to have the ability to do that. Although there is no literal meaning scriptural passage for or against infant baptism, advocates translate some biblical references in support of their ideas (ex acts 16:15).

To amount it every up, christenings space baptisms, yet not every Baptisms space Christenings. You can use the info in this post to decide whether the event is a Baptism or Christening.

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