“Well written fantasy with strong character emphasis and also empathy” native the author of the sci-fi standard Escape come Witch mountain (Kirkus Reviews). in ~ night, small Jon’s human being go the end to watch the stars. Mesmerized by a meteor shower, the forgets to watch his step and also falls v a moss-covered door to one more land: America. The awakes hurt, his storage gone, sure just that he does no belong here. Captured by a hunter, Jon escapes through leaping six feet over a barbed-wire fence. Hungry and also alone, that staggers through the darkness and also is around to be caught when the is rescued through a kind family known as the Beans. They sanctuary him, feeding him, and teach him about his new home. In return, he will change their stays forever. back the bean are kind to tiny Jon, the townspeople mistrust the mysterious visitor. But Jon has actually untold powers, and also as that learns to exploit them, that will present his newfound friends the they have no reason to it is in afraid. 

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Jul 29, 2014

About the author

Alexander Key

Alexander an essential (1904–1979) began out as an illustrator before he started writing scientific research fiction novels because that young readers. He has published plenty of titles, consisting of Sprockets: A tiny Robot, an enig of the Sassafras Chair, and The forgotten Door, winner that the Lewis Carroll Shelf Award. Key’s novel Escape come Witch Mountain was adapted for movie in 1975, 1995, and 2009. 

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The forgotten Door - Alexander Key

He Is Lost and Found

IT taken place SO QUICKLY, so unexpectedly, that tiny Jon’s cry was virtually instantly cut brief as the blackness closed end him. No one knew the hole to be there. That hadn’t been there the day before, and in the twilight no one had actually noticed it.

At the moment it happened, the an initial shooting stars were crossing the skies — they were start to stream across like strings that jewels flung from another planet — and also everyone to be watching them. The smaller kids were exclaiming in delight, when the older persons stood silent and also enthralled. Right here on the hill, wherein the valley human being often pertained to watch the glittering night unfold, you can see the whole magic sweep roughly you, and you felt close to whatever in the heavens. Various other people, friend knew, were standing on other hills on various other worlds, watching even as friend watched.

Little Jon, whose eye were quicker than most, should have seen the hole, however all his fist was top top the stars. Small for his age, he had actually moved far from the rest for a much better view, and as that stepped backward, there was unexpectedly nothing under his feet.

It to be astonishing at that minute to find himself fall swiftly into the hill in ~ a spot whereby he had walked safely all his life. However in the short seconds before the blackness swallowed him, he realized what must have actually happened: there had actually been a cave-in end the old Door — the Door the led to one more place, the one that had actually been closed so long.

He cry out and tried to rest his loss in the means he had been taught, yet the initiative came an instant too late. His head win something, and darkness swirled over him.

Long later, when tiny Jon had the ability to sit up, he had no idea whereby he to be or what had happened. Memory had fled, and also he ached every over. The would have been shivering through cold, yet his special jacket and also trousers and heavy, woven boots maintained him warm.

He seemed to be in a small cleft of broken rock. There to be mossy stones about him, and also just ahead he could make out a bed that ferns wherein water trickled native a spring. He to be still too dazed to be frightened, however now he realized he to be thirsty, terribly so. That crawled painfully forward and also lay v his confront in the water while that drank.

The coldness the the water startled him in ~ first, however it was wonderfully sweet and satisfying. That bathed his face and also hands in it, then sat up in ~ last and looked around again.

Where to be he? how did he acquire here? the pondered these questions, yet no answers came. That felt together if he had fallen. Only — where might he have fallen from? The rocky wall surfaces met overhead, sloping outward right into a tangle of irpari branches.

There was another question his mind closely tiptoed around, because it was an ext upsetting than the others. Whenever he approached it, it resulted in a dull aching in his forehead. Finally, however, he gave his head a little shake and faced that squarely.

Who am I?

He no know. He simply didn’t know, and it made everything terribly wrong.

All at once, trembling, he obtained to his feet and fled limping toward a tower of sunlight ahead. Thick shrubs barred his way. The fought thoughtlessly through them, tripped, and also fell sprawling. Fortunately he missed the boulders on either side, and also landed in a soft bed of old pipeline under a tree. That scrambled up in panic, began to operation again, then quit himself simply in time.

This wasn’t the sort of country where you might run. There were steep ledges here, and below them the ground sloped sharply downward because that a good distance. Every one of it was spanned with a wild tangle the forest. Tiny Jon rubbed his eyes and also looked about him with growing wonder and fright.

Nothing below was familiar. He was sure of that. He had actually never seen trees quite like the ones roughly him. Countless of the smaller sized trees to be in bloom, extended with showers the white flower — these to be almost familiar, as were the ferns and also lichens top top the rocks. But there was a difference. Yet what the distinction was, he to be unable to tell.

Carefully he worked down to an open area listed below the ledge, and stood listening. The sounds were familiar, and hearing them make him feel a little bit better. Birdsong, the gurgling of surprise springs, the faint clatter and fuss that a rushing stream somewhere. And also there to be the hesitant actions of wild creatures that came pleasantly come his sharp ears. Without quite realizing his ability, which to be as herbal as breathing, his mind reached toward them and also found nothing strange in castle — except that they were afraid. Afraid of him!

Don’t be afraid, that told them, for this reason softly the his lips right moved. "I’d never hurt you."

After a minute, two of the creatures — they to be a doe and also her fawn — relocated hesitantly down the slope and stood looking at him curiously. Small Jon organized out his hands, and also presently the doe come close and also nuzzled his cheek v her cold nose.

Where am I? the asked she plaintively. Deserve to you tell me?

The doe can not answer, and also all he could gather was the she to be hungry, and also that food can be discovered in the sink below.

Lead the way, he told her. I’ll follow.

The doe and also the fawn began down through the tangle. Little Jon walk scrambling and limping behind them. Walking was difficult, for both his knees to be badly bruised and one ankle pained v every step. Soon, however, they reached a winding video game trail and also the walking was lot easier. Even so, it was hard to store up through the doe, and several times in the following hour he had to beg her to stop and wait because that him.

It did not seem at every strange to be following her. Her presence was an extremely comforting and also kept the unanswered questions from troubling him.

As castle wound down near the bottom that the slope, the tree thinned and also they passed v an open up gate. Ahead he might see bright sunlight on a little greening field. About a edge of the field ran a clattering present — a stream various from the one he had actually heard earlier.

At the vision of the field little Jon recorded his breath. Fields and also cultivated things were familiar. There would certainly be human being near. Quickly he would fulfill them and find out about himself.

The doe paused at the leaf of the field, sniffing the air currents. Small Jon could feel her uneasiness, though he might not understand it. He sniffed too, yet all he could smell to be the pleasant scents of new earth and blossoms, and also the wealth of the woodland behind them. He to be disappointed that he couldn’t make the end the odor of human beings near, yet maybe this was due to the fact that the air was flowing down from the mountain, away from him.

As the doe stepped daintily right into the field and also began to nibble the young plants, small Jon unconsciously walk what the should have done earlier. His mind got to out, searching hopefully. He had no thought of danger. The sudden discovery that there was danger was so shocking the he could only spring forward v a strangled cry together he tried to tell the doe to run.

The doe whirled instantly and also leaped, just as the spicy report of a rifle not correct the tranquility of the morning.

Little Jon had actually never heard a rifle shoot before, however he was conscious of the warm slash of pain across the doe’s flank, and he could see the weapon in the hands of the man who rose from his hiding place at the leaf of the stream. He to be a lean male in overalls, with one shoulder greater than the other. The harsh attributes under the cap verified surprise and disbelief together he stared at little Jon. Climate the thin mouth twisted in fury.

Devil take you! the man roared, striding forward. Girlfriend ruint my aim! What you doin’ in mine field?

Little Jon can make nothing of the words. The language was strange, but the hate-driven think behind it to be clear enough. For a moment he was standing incredulous, his psychic trying to fight through the shock of what had happened. Certain the male approaching was a being like himself. Yet why the intent to kill one more creature? Why the suddenly hate? How could anyone ever, ever …

The fury that rose in him was a new thing. It to be something he had never proficient before, at least in this measure. His small hands balled right into fists and also he trembled. However just as quickly, that realized that he couldn’t quench hate v hate, and that now there was risk to himself. That turned abruptly and also fled.

Stop! the guy bellowed, nearby behind him. I recognize you — she one o’ them Cherokees from over the ridge! i’ll teach you come come meddlin’ on my land!