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just how do I write a an excellent answer? create to the ideal of your capacity We don"t mean every price to be perfect, yet answers with correct spelling, punctuation, and also grammar are easier to read. They likewise tend to gain upvoted much more frequently. Remember, friend can constantly go earlier at any kind of time and edit your answer to boost it. carry out context for web links Links to outside resources space encouraged, but please include context roughly the attach so your fellow users will have actually some idea what it is and also why it’s there. answer the question Read the inquiry carefully. What, specifically, is the concern asking for? Make certain your answer provides that – or a viable alternative. The answer have the right to be “don’t do that”, yet it should likewise include “try this instead”. Short answers are acceptable, yet fuller explanations are better.
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snucongo.org is a complimentary question-and-answer site for classrooms. On snucongo.org:

student ask for homework aid on virtual homework forums and also get assist from experts and also student-volunteers Students post questions and also get answers native Industry experts Students knife rewards because that asking and also answering inquiries Students knife volunteer hrs for helping other students indigenous the lull of their residence Students are incentivized to article questions and also answer questions posted by specialists Teachers have accessibility to a library of questions with contributions from teachers and industry experts Students reap personalized finding out with a recommendation engine the adapts to college student progress and also personalized assist from specialists

snucongo.org will be all set for use in April 2017. You re welcome sign-up below for updates

snucongo.org is a rewards-driven question and answer website for teachers, students and experts where specialists share your insights and also knowledge through classrooms.
Experts love snucongo.org as they acquire to help students in ~ their recreation and convenience, through answering and also asking questions.
Students love snucongo.org as they knife rewards for offering correct answers come quiz questions and also for posting an excellent questions for experts to answer. Snucongo.org incentivizes and provides students with the necessary help to complete homework top top time and also to fulfill their curiosity.
Teachers love snucongo.org as it not only helps their students end up homework and satisfy your curiosity but also gives teachers full transparency into how much college student effort and also expert help went into every homework question.

We awaken and also strengthen the inquirer in every child and the mentor in every individual

snucongo.org is a question-and-answer platform built to nurture the inquirer, seeker and explorer in every student. Snucongo.org urges students to get knowledge not just from teachers, but likewise from remote industry professional volunteers.


AI and also expert-driven to teach assistant in every classroom


Relevant aid for students


An amazing teacher by every student’s side whenever needed

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Passionate around education AI and also software experts Possess track document in scholastic and professional excellence