In The Giver, many of a child’s an initial twelve year are significant by some gift or milestone. At age one, kids are assigned a name and family. At age four, they get jackets that switch in the back to teach lock interdependence. At age seven, they obtain front-buttoning jackets. Year eight’s get new clothes v pockets when year nine’s obtain bicycles. In year ten, the kids get new haircuts. In year eleven, they space given an ext gender particular clothes. Finally, in year twelve, kids are offered their assignment in the community.

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The neighborhood in The Giver is very structured. Every individual citizen has actually a duty to play in maintaining the ar functioning, v the exception of babies and also the elderly. Children must internalize the rule which administrate the community so that, as soon as they space of age, they can end up being contributing members...

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The neighborhood in The Giver is very structured. Every individual citizen has actually a function to pat in keeping the neighborhood functioning, with the exception of babies and also the elderly. Youngsters must internalize the rule which administer the ar so that, as soon as they space of age, castle can come to be contributing members that society. The children are segregated by period group, with each period group gift granted details rights and also responsibilities in ~ the wider community.

Ones room babies who space formally adopted into the neighborhood by being given names and family units. Prior to the ceremony of One, babies ("newchildren") space nameless and are cared for by Nurturers quite than parents.

Twos are not especially mentioned, therefore the function of a child does not substantially change between fostering and the consciousness of Two.

Threes are old enough to start school, where the main emphasis is ~ above "the acquisition of correct language." Threes are additionally invited to take part in the household ritual of "dream-telling," whereby they can discuss their dreams and the potential meanings behind them.

Fours continue with language acquisition, learning to be more precise in their speech so that they have the right to communicate plainly with others—a skill which is extremely crucial to all members the the community. Fours are likewise given unique jackets which switch at the back. In bespeak to switch their jackets, the Fours must help each other, which teaches them the worth of interdependence.

Fives and Sixes, favor Fours, wear back-buttoned jackets, and also continue to find out precision of language. Beforehand childhood mostly concerns learning exactly how to communicate and how to count on one"s peers: these space the structure blocks of ar life.

Sevens are old sufficient to begin becoming an ext independent. Your back-buttoned jackets space exchanged because that front-buttoned jackets, symbolizing the Sevens" growing ability to take care of themselves.

Eights space given new jackets with smaller buttons and also pockets as an exterior sign the their capability to "keep monitor of little belongings." more importantly, Eights room no longer permitted to have "comfort objects," like stuffed toys, and are meant to volunteer component of your time each day help the adult in their professional roles, such as farming, engineering, and care-giving. The awareness of Eight is the first major milestone ~ above the road to adulthood, as Eights begin to melted the signs of childhood and also integrate v the adults of the community.

Nines proceed the volunteer work-related they started as Eights and are gifted bicycles to allow them to move themselves about the community. The bicycles are an effective symbols that the Nines" independence and also distinguish them native the younger children, who still depend on their family members for transportation.

Tens room given short haircuts as one more marker of their maturity, shedding the much longer locks of the younger children for the sensible, functional formats of the adults.

Elevens are given new clothes—long trousers for the boys and "different undergarments" for the girls, who are beginning to struggle puberty.

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Twelves are youngsters who have actually formally to be inducted right into the ar as adults. The ceremony of Twelve marks the official finish of "childhood"; Twelves are provided Assignments, the skilled roles they will occupy because that the totality of their adult stays until they room too elderly to continue. The Committee which governs the ar gives Twelves your Assignments based on each child"s personality and also aptitudes: an pundit child can be assigned come a clinical role, a nurturing child to a caregiving role, and also a solid child to a laboring role. Back Twelves must continue their schooling in tandem with their Assignments because that the next couple of years, they are taken into consideration adult members of the community after receiving your Assignments.