Written byHenry SharpDirected byIrving MooreSynopsis: The Indian region Commissioner recruits James West to inspection the strange occurrences at the reservation. West soon finds self the unwilling guest anémigré maharajah who desires his boy to be tutored in the fine arts of killing.

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Trey: I feel choose a heat from Boris Karloff as Mr. Singh sums up my feelings about this episode: "I thrive annoyed through this man ape."
Trey:I think this is the weakest illustration we"ve seen so far. It"s funny in places, makes an excellent use that color, and also has decent activity scenes, but I battle to watch what the suggest of it was other than the high ide of "Real indians in the Indian Territory!" . And then there room bizarre things favor the dance gorilla. And also of food there"s all the Orientalism.
Jim: five yeah, this episode is quickly the worst we"ve checked out on a number of levels. The usage of color and activity scenes, choose you pointed out were nice, yet when ns remember the there were critics who uncovered "Night of the Eccentrics" off-putting, ns gotta wonder what lock thought when the dancing gorilla appeared?

Trey:Well, Batman began in January 1966, and also the two episodes we simply watched aired in September of that year. Ns don"t recognize their shoot schedule, however given that Batman was a success out of the door (it"s two nights each occupied slots in the peak 10 shows of the 65-66 season--and it wasn"t even on that totality season) it certainly would have been the type of thing world wanted come emulate.
Jim: Audrey Dalton together the Sultan’s daughter Veda is a actual mismatch here. Ns would have much fairly seen someone prefer Caroline Munro in this role.
Trey: Yeah, ns guess we need to be glad they didn"t placed her in brownface. Caroline Munro was a just 17 in ~ this point, yet surely lock at had actually some various other darker-hued actress--maybe even, somehow, an actress of South asian descent?
Jim: The cane he uses is most likely to accommodate Karloff’s earlier problems. He apparently hurt his back wearing the harness in the Frankenstein movies and required many surgeries to mitigate pain end the years.

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This illustration was composed by Henry Sharp that wrote the terrific "The Night of the Puppeteer" and also the pretty great Bond riff (that girlfriend haven"t watched recently, probably) "The Night of the glow Corpse," yet he didn"t perform so fine here.
Jim:I don"t understand if it"s simply the episodes we room watching, but man walk this present lean hard on the "female helps West out" thing!
Trey:Well, that"s pretty much every one of them, i think. If we just watched the episodes wherein that didn"t happen, we can be v with ours rewatch by now!
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