I"m trying to find a indigenous that means the opposite of what one would certainly expect. This word might be supplied to refer the surprised that a teenager"s grandmother offers text message much more than he does, or that a city seems brighter in ~ night than it does throughout the day.

I"m no seeking the word ironic or irony which describe the usage of miscellaneous to explain its opposite endure or emotion.



Counterintuitively, the teenager"s grandmother provides text messaging much an ext than the does.

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counterintuitive - contradictory to what intuition or usual sense expectation> would certainly indicate.

Potential differences in between counterintuitive and unexpected are...

1: Normally, only "facts" or "conclusions" (not "events") are explained as counterintuitive.

2: Normally, counterintuitive means that girlfriend actually mean an "opposite" scenario to it is in true.

3: Something have the right to be unexpected even if friend hadn"t formerly given any type of thought to the possibility of that happening. Thus, the doorbell have the right to ring unexpectedly so late at night, yet probably no counterintuitively.

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"Contradictory" or "contrary" is maybe the finest word I can think of to define the case you space trying to describe. An opposite and unexpected conclusion.

The antithesis of miscellaneous is also the specific opposite the what you are referring to, or in the contrary of what you room referring to. For this reason if you had actually an meant reaction, and the reaction to be the exact opposite, you might say it was the "antithesis" of what friend expected.

You can do the exact same thing just using words "opposite", actually.

If friend don"t mental making the statement that the result was impossible, you could also call that a paradox, meaning that the statement need to be false, yet is nontheless true. Ns wouldn"t recommend this though, together it calls for a very precise use that the word.

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shockingunforeseenremarkableunanticipatedabnormalastonishingastounding (THEAO)
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The hatchet anomaly means

something the deviates native what is standard, normal, or expected:

there room a number of anomalies in the present system

: the obvious anomaly that those who developed the riches were the poorest

Anomaly might be offered in situations that deviate, however are not necessarily opposite.

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You likewise might desire to think about "improbably:"

Improbable: i can not qualify to it is in true or to occur; also: unlikely however true or real.


Today, improbably enough, the frequent characterization of phibìc Korea as a Stalinist or hard-line communist country appears come be having a quiet effect...

Improbably, the tiger survives.

Improbably, the us Dollar strengthens.

Improbably, the teenager"s grandmother uses text message much an ext than that does.

Other adverbs that might work because that you are "unbelievably" and "incredibly."

Unbelievable: also improbable to be believed.

Unbelievably, the surgery has actually no evident effect ~ above personality or memory.

Unbelievably, the teenager"s grandmother supplies text messaging much more than the does.

Incredible: also extraordinary and improbable to it is in believed.

Incredibly, the grandm agrees v him and is all set to hand the boy over to him.

Incredibly, the teenager"s grandmother supplies text message much much more than he does.

"Surprisingly" might do the cheat also.

Surprising: unforeseen or unusual: leading to surprise.

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Surprisingly, the teenager"s grandmother offers text messaging much more than the does.