Ho, for the Pirate Don Durk that Dowdee!He was as wicked as wicked could be,But oh, he to be perfectly gorgeous come see!The Pirate Don Durk that Dowdee.


His conscience, of course, to be as black color as a bat,But he had actually a floppety plume on his hatAnd once he go walking that jiggled— prefer that!The plume that the Pirate Dowdee.His cloak it to be handsome and also cut with a slash,And often as ever before he twirled his mustacheDeep under in the s the mermaids walk splash,Because of Don Durk the Dowdee.Moreover, Dowdee had a purple tattoo,And stuck in his belt where he buckled the throughWere a dagger, a dirk, and also a squizzamaroo,For fierce to be the Pirate Dowdee.So feaful he to be he would shoot in ~ a puff,And always at sea when the weather grew roughHe drank indigenous a bottle and wrote top top his cuff,Did Pirate Don Durk that Dowdee.Oh, he had actually a cutlass the swung in ~ his thighAnd he had actually a parrot dubbed Pepperkin Pye,And a zigzaggy scar at the end of his eyeHad Pirate Don Durk the Dowdee.He maintained in a cavern, this buccaneer bold,A curious chest the was extended with mould,And all of his pockets to be jingly through gold!Oh jing! walk the gold of Dowdee.His conscience, of course it to be crook’d favor a squash,But both of his boots make a slickery slosh,And that went throught the civilization with a exorbitant swash,Did Pirate Don Durk that Dowdee.It’s true he to be wicked as wicked could be,His sins they outnumbered a hundred and also three,But oh, he to be perfectly gorgeous to see,The Pirate Don Durk that Dowdee.
Mildred Plew Meigs was born in Chicago in 1892, the daughter of businessman, James E. Plew and his wife Nettie. She likewise had a sister named Marion. Mildred’s father was a effective businessman with countless interests. He relocated his household to Valparaiso, Florida in 1922, whereby he ended up being a land developer, helping to establish numerous businesses in the area, including the Valparaiso Bank, the Shalimar Winery, and Valparaiso Inn, among many various other endeavors.Mildred married Carl Merryman and initially published under the name Mildred Plew Merryman. She later on married Clifford Meigs. Her sister Marion married C.W. Ruckel. Your husbands joined their father-in-law in widening the Niceville, Valparaiso and also Shalimar areas, and also many school and other locations are named for James E. Plew, Clifford Meigs and C. W. Ruckel.Mildred’s literature was chiefly released in children’s magazines. “The Pirate Dun Durk that Dowdee” an initial appeared in child Life newspaper in 1923. Mildred passed away at her Valparaiso home on February 27, 1944 at the age of 53, endured by she husband, Clifford, her mother and also her sister.

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