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Energy transfer and energy efficiencyVacuum flask
Fig. 8The inner structure that a vacuum flask.

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Fig. 9A thermal cooker.
A vacuum flask is designed to prevent power transfer between the content inside and its surrounding outside. With re-heating or cooling unnecessary, a vacuum flask is a convenient energy saving container.Do you know just how a vacuum flask is made? take a look in ~ the photograph on the ideal (Fig. 8). It has a double glass shell and also a vacuum in between. The glass covering is coated through silvery reflective material. The shell is defended by an external casing, typically made of plastic or metal.The vacuum prevents any type of energy transfer v conduction and convection. The silver coating reflects much of the radiation and thus radiation power transfer is also minimized. So the contents inside a vacuum flask have the right to be retained at a an ext or less continuous temperature because that a lengthy time.Thermal cookerThermal cookers provide an power efficient and convenient method to stew food. A heat cooker consists of two main parts: an inner stole pot and also an external insulating container. The food is first heated as usual in the within pot. The inside pot is then placed inside the outer insulating container. The outer container is designed come reduce heat transfer as much as possible. Well-insulated from the surrounding, the food within the inside pot deserve to be preserved at a high temperature because that a lengthy time without the use of energy. A typical thermal cooker have the right to keep the food inside above 70 oC because that over 8 hours.The following task will help you understand more about the functioning principle that a thermal cooker.
Activity:Energy effectiveness of a heat cooker
Fig. 10Flexible seals in ~ the sheet of the frozen refrigerator door
Fig. 11Furry clothes aid keep us warmth in winter.

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A refrigerator has plenty of features which lower conduction, radiation and also convection power transfer to alleviate the usage of electrical energy.Refrigerators usually have a light coloured outer surface come reflect radiation, and also so reduce warm entering the refrigeration compartment. The edge of a refrigerator"s doors the the refrigerator have flexible seals to stop cold air within from mixing with hot air outside, thus reducing convection. The versatile seals room made of good insulating material to additional reduce power transfer v conduction. The special walls and doors that the frozen refrigerator are likewise well-insulated to reduce heat transfer v conduction.Clothes and also blanketsWithout perfect clothing and also blankets in cold weather, we would should consume a lot more energy because that indoor heating in bespeak to save us comfortable.Clothes and blankets room usually do of materials such as cotton, wool and down that deserve to trap air. Because air is a bad conductor of heat, trapped waiting reduces warm loss with conduction from our body. The materials themselves are also poor warmth conductors.
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