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In 1915, in the arid mountains of western Mexico, American mercenary Tom Bryan and revolutionary Col. Juan Castro hide behind a wall surface of bagged gold, as a group of armed soldiers close in. When awaiting the unavoidable confrontation, Tom recalls how he and also Juan finished up together: In a tiny town, Tom, that owns a powerful machine-gun called "La Cucaracha," help Juan rob a bank, the spoils the which room to walk to Pancho Villa"s revolutionary army. Later, Tom delivers the money to one of Villa"s aides, that tells him around a to plan holdup that a gold delivery in Santo Tomas. In ~ first, Tom refuses to become involved, as he has grown worn down of the rough rebel life, yet changes his mind when he learns the Juan is running the operation. In Santo Tomas, meanwhile, Juan inspects the website of the robbery, then rides come the rebel hideout. Over there he confers through Capt. Pablo Morales and Pablo"s sympathetic mam Laria around the train heist. Due to the fact that of a previous wartime suffer with Pablo, Juan is mistrustful, however Laria vouches for she husband"s loyalty. Laria then introduces Juan come Ruth Harris, one American who mine owner father to be recently eliminated by federal government soldiers. Laria has actually befriended Ruth, an idealistic schoolteacher, and asks Juan to take she north with him after ~ the robbery. After Juan assures to consider Laria"s request, he, Pablo and their rebel band lie in wait for the gold-bearing train. Together hoped, Tom is on plank the train, transferring La Cucaracha in a base fiddle case. Once the holdup begins, Tom take away his machine-gun and joins the rebels in killing the soldiers guarding the gold. The gold is taken, and later, the rebels load the bags top top donkeys, together with some dynamite, and also prepare to supply them to Villa. While camped, Tom meets Ruth and is immediately attracted. After Juan provides Ruth permission to companion him, she thanks Tom, assuming that he had actually put in a great word for her. Tom, in fact, does not think the Ruth should make the hazardous journey and also disparages she commitment to the revolution. In turn, Ruth concerns Tom"s claims that that is just in it because that the money and, once he insists the he could care less around Villa, denounces him. Quickly after the rebels depart, soldiers, guided by Indians, uncover the exit camp and also pick up the rebels" trail. Juan, meanwhile, leads the rebels across the rough, hilly terrain, remind Pablo consistently that the gold belongs come Villa. One evening, Tom offers Ruth part perfume, and touched, she speak him the she prefers his "real," non-mercenary self. As soon as Tom scoffs and also declares that he is hoping to make a fortune turn off the revolution, however, Ruth again condemns him, but allows him come kiss her. Later, indigenous a cliff, Juan clues the soldiers approaching and also orders Pablo and some of the various other rebels to take the yellow to Villa, when he and a couple of others stay and fight. Ruth insists ~ above fighting with Juan, yet to she disgust, Tom decides to go with Pablo and also keep an eye on the gold. Shortly after, however, Tom hears the sounds of a pistol battle and also races back with La Cucaracha to aid Juan. Tom and Juan loss the soldiers, and Ruth apologizes come Tom. Later, at the location where the gold is to be delivered to Villa, Juan waits because that both Villa and also Pablo. Instead, Pablo and also his men take Juan and also the rather prisoner, explaining that years earlier, while he and also Juan to be soldiers in another revolutionary army, Juan stole part gold because that the then unknown Villa and forced Pablo to get in hiding. As revenge, Pablo intends come steal every the gold, sure that Villa will not come. Juan provokes Pablo right into a fight, and also during the commotion, Tom take away La Cucaracha and subdues Pablo. Tom then unarms all of Pablo"s men and forces Pablo to take it Ruth and also head because that the security of Tampico. Then, v no sign of Villa, the orders Juan and also the remaining men to push on toward Yaqui country. Although Juan curses Tom for his betrayal, Tom supplies to split the gold through him yet is refused. Quickly, the guys going toward Yaqui country begin to slip away from the mule train, driven by fear and also thirst. Pablo and Ruth, meanwhile, run into one more band that soldiers, and Pablo strikes a address the commandant, giving to lead the soldiers to Juan and also Tom, in exchange because that his freedom. After condemning Juan and also the commandant, Ruth is sent north, if Juan guides the soldiers right into Yaqui country. By the time the soldiers record up come them, Tom and also Juan space alone with the gold and also the dynamite, high in the hills. Tom offers Juan a gun, and together they stack the gold bags to produce a barrier. When Pablo is sent out to negotiate v Juan and also Tom, Juan shooting him, instigating a total battle. Juan and also Tom down numerous soldiers before their ammunition operation out, then plant the dynamite and also retreat farther into the hills. If awaiting their fate, Juan assures Tom that Ruth was in love through him and insists the he was never ever interested in the gold. A soldier then sneaks up and kills Juan, however is consequently slain through Tom.

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Now alone, Tom lights the dynamite, and in the following explosion, the gold and also the soldiers are hidden in a rock slide. Later, Tom, determined to keep the buzzards away, buries his friend"s body under a heap of rocks.