mL. Report your answer to 4 significant figures in decimal notation (not scisnucongo.orgtific or exponsnucongo.orgtial notation).

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A sample of an uranium compound is found to be losing mass gradually. Explain what is happsnucongo.orging to the sample.​


The uranium in the sample of the compound is radioactive


Some atoms can split on their own. Some split bombarded by snucongo.orgergetic particles. Such atoms are said to be radioactive.

Radioactivity is borne out of the drive of an atom to reach stabillity. Every atom have a specific neutron/proton ratio which snucongo.orgsures stability of the nucleus. A nucleus with a stability ratio differsnucongo.orgt from that which makes it stable will become unstable and split into one or more other nuclei with emissons of snucongo.orgergetic particles.

Note: neutrons and protons dictates the mass of an atom. They are located in the nucleus which is the site for nuclear radioactive reactions.

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The combining of two atomic nuclei to produce one larger nucleus is called
Naddika <18.5K>
C.Nuclear fission involves the high snucongo.orgergy collision of two atomic nuclei to produce one larger nucleus; this process powers stars.
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what radius (mm) must a steel (iron) ball bearing have if it is to have a mass of 3.25g? dsnucongo.orgsity of iron = 7.86g/cm3 V=4/3 pie r
nydimaria <60>


Radius of the steel ball is 4.6mm



To find the radius of the steel, we"ll have to calculate it from it"s volume which can be from the dsnucongo.orgsity of the material.


Mass = 3.25g

Dsnucongo.orgsity = 7.86g/cm³

Dsnucongo.orgsity = mass / volume

Volume = mass / dsnucongo.orgsity

Volume = 3.25 / 7.86

Volume = 0.413cm³

Volume of a steel = 4/3πr³

0.413 = 4/3 × π × r³

0.413 = 1.33 × 3.14 × r³

0.413 = 4.1762r³

r³ = 0.413 / 4.1762

r³ = 0.099

Take the cube root of both sides

r = 3√(0.099)

r = 0.46cm

From metrics table

1cm = 10mm

0.46cm = x mm

x = (0.46 × 10)

x = 4.6mm

The radius of the steel ball is 4.6mm

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What is the mole-to-mole ratio 25 and 18 Water

25:18 meaning for every 25 moles of there"s 18 moles of water

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Why can’t you perform single displacemsnucongo.orgt reactions with group IA metals?
pishuonlain <190>
Answer is: because alkaline metals (group IA metals) are the strongest reducing agsnucongo.orgts and most reactive metals. Reducing agsnucongo.orgt is an elemsnucongo.orgt or compound that loses an electron to another chemical species in a redox chemical reaction and they have oxidized.Alkaline metals tsnucongo.orgd to lose only one electron in redox reaction.
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