Before we can go on to discover the density of the carbon nucleus, we must find its mass. The given molar mass, i m sorry is the mass of 1 mole that a substance, suggests there"s 12.00 grams of carbon for every 1 mole the carbon. What the question wants to understand is the thickness of 1 carbon atom. Before we continue to recognize the carbon atom"s density, the mass for 1 carbon atom have to be found. To accomplish this, we need to divide the molar massive by Avogadro"s number (aka Avogadro constant), or how countless molecules room in 1 mole of a substance.

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Mass every atom = molar mass/Avogadro"s number

= 12.00 g mol-1/6.02 x 1023 mol

= 1.99 x 10-23g

Now we deserve to proceed to uncover the density of the carbon nucleus, because we now know the mass because that 1 carbon atom.

Density= mass/volume

= 1.99 x 10-23g/9.9 x 10-39mL

= 2.0 x 10-15g/mL OR 2.0 x 10-15g/cm3

1 mL is equivalent to 1 g/cm3, making these 2 systems interchangeable.

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By the way, another way to compose g mol-1 is g/mol (the -1 suggests the divisor or have the right to be check out as "per").

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