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7 and 7* link tenors different by 5 thousandths of an inch. How much is this? follow to this calculation found on Yahoo answers, around the thickness of a paper of paper...
I have a parcel of 500 sheets the HP glowing White Inkjet paper. If i squeeze that together, it"s around 60 mm thick, so we have actually the following:thickness that 1 sheet = 60 mm / 500= 0.12 mm= 0.012 cm
or about 5 thousandths. Anyone else surprised that the thickness the a piece of file could account because that a typical "step" in mouthpiece reminder opening?

Go measure a bunch that STM"s and you"ll discover some 6*"s that have bigger tips 보다 7*"sIt"s a usual step, yet most world can"t phone call the difference.

A thousandth the one inch is .001"It is just a an easy move the the decimal ar to define one inch damaged up right into a thousand pieces.The "standard" 7* opening is .105", i beg your pardon is .005" (or five thousandths) larger than a size 7 opened (which would certainly be .100" -- or one hundreds thousandths).It is yes, really shocking come see how much that a distinction even .001" (in the best place) have the right to make in the sound and an answer of a mouthpiece. The closer you obtain to the tip, the an ext impact subtle alters in the mouthpiece geometry have the right to have ~ above the sound.

.005 simply seems come be around the smallest step that many players an alert on tenor. If it renders you feel better, it"s 5% that .100.

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one customs is 25.4mmone thousandth of an inch is 25.4/1000 = 0.0254mm = 25.4micronseasier way to think about it is that 40 "thou" = 1mm (approx)so 100thou = 2.5mm (2.54mm proper)your file measurement to be pretty great according to typical measurement = 0.122mm or 4.5"mil"just to confuse the problem more, 1 "mil" = 1 thousandth of an inch (not a millimetre.. I beg your pardon is called "mil" or "mils" for brief in non-imperial countries)it is not so how amazing perhapsgoing native jody jazz charts:openings top top alto go from 12 come 21 sheets that paper, a selection of 9 sheets.for tenor, around 14-28 sheets of paper, range of 14 sheets, however for a offered mpc, usually about 11 sheets of record range...given that not so many people may beat (in otto) 5"s or 10*"s, that variety is also smaller... Say 7 sheets that paperit kind of renders sense though, because for a offered reed, there space 7 steps in hardness (maybe 4 or 5 in ~ "normal" range), and also in mix with the range of mpc, provides you more scope come fine song the opening/hardness, however the actual number of steps is similar..or....