Personal Protective tools (PPE) is used in practically every work setting on campus. The following pages space intended to assist users learn around the different varieties of PPE, just how to determine which PPE is right for your work-related tasks and also how to select and care for your PPE.

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Selecting the most an ideal eye and face protection should take into consideration the adhering to elements:

Ability to defend against particular workplace hazardsShould to the right properly and be reasonably comfortable come wearShould provide unrestricted vision and movementShould it is in durable and cleanableShould allow unrestricted functioning of any type of other required PPE

Protective eye and also face wear have to comply with the American nationwide Standards academy (ANSI) conventional Z87.1-1989 or later.

What varieties of Eye and also Face protection Are Available?

Some of the many common varieties of eye and also face defense include:

Safety GlassesSafety glasses have safety frames built of metal or plastic and impact-resistant lenses. Side security is required.Must comply through ANSI conventional Z87.1
Chemical Splash GogglesTight installation eye protection that completely covers the eyes, eye sockets and also facial area bordering the eyes. Provides protection native impact, dust and also splashes. Have to comply v ANSI traditional Z87.1
Dust GogglesDust goggles, occasionally called direct ventilated goggles, are tight fitting eye security designed to resist the i of huge particles into the goggles. Must comply with ANSI conventional Z87.1
Fluid Resistant ShieldsThese shields are liquid resistant or impervious and provide splash defense from organic material, such as human or non-human primate human body fluids.These shields carry out not administer protection versus chemicals or impact hazards and also do not comply v ANSI Z87.1
Face ShieldsThese shields expand from the eyebrows to listed below the chin and throughout the broad of the employee’s head. Face shields protect versus potential splashes or sprays the hazardous liquids. Once worn because that protection versus UV, must be particularly designed to protect the face and eyes indigenous hazardous radiation.When supplied for chemical defense or UV protection, need to comply with ANSI conventional Z87.1.
Laser EyewearProtective eyewear is required for course 3 and also 4 laser usage where irradiation the the eye is possible. Such eyewear need to be used only at the wavelength and energy/power because that which it is intended. Call the Laser safety and security Officer at x6271 because that information.
Welding ShieldsConstructed the vulcanized fiber or fiberglass and also fitted through a filtered lens, welding shields safeguard eyes native burns resulted in by infrared or intense radiant light; they additionally protect both the eyes and the confront from flying sparks, metal splatter and slag chips developed during welding, brazing, soldering and cutting operations. For more information, check out the OSHA Eye Protection during Welding fact Sheet.

What type of Eye Protection need to I stay for various Hazards?

ChemicalsHazardous* dried chemicals and little amounts the hazardous liquid chemicalsSafety glassesEye protection is forced when working v chemicals top top the bench or in a fume hood
 Hazardous* chemicals that pose a splash hazardChemical splash goggles 
 Cryogenic liquidsChemical splash goggles and a face shield 
 Highly reactive or explosive materialsChemical splash goggles and also a face shieldBlast shield recommended
 Pyrophoric solids or liquidsChemicals splash goggles 
Biological MaterialPotentially infectious materials, consisting of BSL2 microorganisms and viruses, human and non-human primate material, exterior of a biosafety cabinetSafety glasses plus mask or face shieldEye security is typically not required when functioning in a biosafety cabinet, other than if other hazardous materials are being taken on in the lab. Eye protection may be needed when removed items from the biosafety cabinet.
RadiationUnsealed radiation materials, fluid or powderSafety glasses 
 LasersEyewear is dependency on wavelength and also energy/power the laserContact Laser safety Officer in ~ 8-6271
 Open ultraviolet irradiate sourceFace shield with UV protection 
 Infrared emitting equipmentShaded goggles 
Machining and Physical HazardsSoldering, spatter that flux or hot metalSafety glasses or chemical splash goggles 
 Furnaces, molten metal or glass, heat, sparks, glareDust goggles, reflectivce face shield 
 Chips, particles, dust, glass shardsSafety glasses 
 Glassware under pressureSafety glasses or chemistry splash goggles 
 Cutting/connecting glass tubingSafety glasses 
 Welding and brazing operationsSee OSHA Factsheet - Eye Protection throughout Welding 
 Changing out compressed gas cylinders, affixing regulator to cylinderSafety glasses 
 Use of compressed air because that cleaning equipmentDust gogglesUse of compressed waiting for personal cleaning is prohibited

*Hazardous chemistry pose a wide range of health and wellness hazards (such together irritation, sensitization, and also carcinogenicity) and physical dangers (such as flammability, corrosion, and reactivity).

Are contact Lenses Permissible to Wear in Hazardous Environments?

Studies have shown that contact lenses room safe to wear in most hazardous environments. However, they execute not offer any eye protection. If an exposure to a hazardous substance wake up while wearing call lenses, remove the lens automatically while rinsing the eye(s). Call lenses that have been contaminated through a chemical have to be discarded.

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What choices Are easily accessible for Eye protection if ns Wear Prescription Glasses?

Most prescription glasses do not fulfill the ANSI Z87.1 needs for eye and face protection. If friend wear corrective glasses, you have the right to purchase safety and security glasses that space designed to it is in worn over your eyeglasses or you can purchase ANSI-rated prescription security glasses at a discounted price v the University safety and security Eyewear Program. Print and complete the

Prescription Eyewear Form.pdf and also waiver and also bring it v you to any type of LensCrafters, Sears Optical, or participating Pearl Vision locations.