AEST is NOT in usage by many locations AEDT (Australian eastern Daylight Time) is used instead. Switch to AEDT time ar or select one the the urban Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane for automatically timezone change.

Time Difference

MDT (Mountain Daylight Time) is 16 hrs behind the Australian Eastern typical Time2:30 pm14:30 in Colorado Springs, CO, USA is 6:30 am06:30 in AEST

Colorado Springs to AEST call timeBest time for a conference contact or a conference is between 5am-7am in Colorado Springs which coincides to 9pm-11pm in AEST

2:30 pm14:30 MDT (Mountain Daylight Time) (Colorado Springs, CO, USA). Offset UTC -6:00 hrs 6:30 am06:30 Australian Eastern standard Time (AEST). Offset UTC +10:00 hours

2:30 pm14:30 Colorado Springs, CO, USA / 6:30 am06:30 AEST

Colorado Springs, CO, USA AEST
12am (midnight) 4pm
1am 5pm
2am 6pm
3am 7pm
4am 8pm
5am 9pm
6am 10pm
7am 11pm
8am 12am (midnight)
9am 1am
10am 2am
11am 3am
12pm (noon) 4am
1pm 5am
2pm 6am
3pm 7am
4pm 8am
5pm 9am
6pm 10am
7pm 11am
8pm 12pm (noon)
9pm 1pm
10pm 2pm
11pm 3pm
0:00 16:00
1:00 17:00
2:00 18:00
3:00 19:00
4:00 20:00
5:00 21:00
6:00 22:00
7:00 23:00
8:00 0:00
9:00 1:00
10:00 2:00
11:00 3:00
12:00 4:00
13:00 5:00
14:00 6:00
15:00 7:00
16:00 8:00
17:00 9:00
18:00 10:00
19:00 11:00
20:00 12:00
21:00 13:00
22:00 14:00
23:00 15:00

Colorado Springs Information

Time region
Abbreviation / Name
MDT - hill Daylight Time MST - mountain Standard Time
UTC / GMT Offset
-6:00 hours throughout Mountain Daylight Time, at this time in use. -7:00 hours throughout Mountain typical Time.
Daylight saving Time Change
+1:00 hour - DST is in use
Daylight conserving Time Starts
November 1 at 01:00 local time. DST starts annually on the same date and time.. Clocks room turned 1 hour forward. Likewise called feather Forward or Summer Time.

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Daylight conserving Time Ends
March 14 at 01:59 regional time. DST ends annually on the same date and also time.. Clocks room turned 1 hour backward. Additionally called Fall back or move to Winter Time.
Colorado Springs truth
Alternative Names
COS, Colorado Springs, El Paso, Fontes Coloratenses, Kalarada-Spryngs, Kolorado Springs, Kolorado Springsas, Kolorado Sprinqs, Kolorado-Springs, Kolorado-Springz, Koloradospringsa, Koloranto Sprin"nks, Kolorādospringsa, kalorado sprinsa, ke luo la duo si pu lin si, klradw aspryngz, kolloladoseupeulingseu, kolorado springja, kolorado springs, kolorryado springas, kororadosupuringusu, kwlwradw sbrynghs, qwlwrdw spryngs, Κολοράντο Σπρινγκς, Каларада-Спрынгс, Колорадо Спрингс, Колорадо-Спрингс, Колорадо-Спрінгз, Կոլորադո Սպրինգս, קולורדו ספרינגס, كولورادو سبرينغس, کلرادو اسپرینگز, کولاریڈو سپرنگس، کولاریڈو, कॉलोराडो स्प्रिंग्ज, कोलोराडो स्प्रिंग्स्, कोलोर्र्याडो स्प्रिङ्गस्, কলোরাডো স্প্রিংস, კოლორადო-სპრინგზი, コロラドスプリングス, 科罗拉多斯普林斯, 콜로라도스프링스
Dollar (USD)
Geographic Coordinates
38° 50' N Latitude / 104° 49' W Longitude
International Dialing Code

Australian Eastern typical Time

Offset: AEST is 10 hrs ahead Greenwich mean Time (GMT) and is offered in Australia

Countries: It is provided in following countries: Australia

Principal Cities: The largest city in the AEST timezone is Sydney native Australia with populace about 4.627 million people. Other major cities in the area space Melbourne, Brisbane, gold Coast, Canberra

Daylight Saving: This is a standard timezone, but during summer some places readjust time for one hour forward because that daylight saving and also observe Australian east Daylight Time (AEDT).

End: AEST ends yearly on the exact same date and time. And also clocks were collection one hour forward on Sunday, 03 October 2021, at 2:00 (2:00 am) regional time.

Start: AEST starts each year on the very same date and time. And clocks are collection one hour earlier on Sunday, 03 April 2022, in ~ 3:00 (3:00 am) local time.

AEST timezone map

Australian Eastern typical Time (AEST) is offered in Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, new South Wales (except broken Hill), Australian capital Territory and in folling major cities Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Canberra

Only component of Australia watch daylight saving. That is used in new South Wales, Victoria, south Australia, Tasmania, and the Australian resources Territory. Daylight saving is not observed in Queensland, western Australia or the northern Territory.

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AEST representations, usage and related time zones

W3C/ISO-8601: global standard covering representation and exchange that dates and also time-related data +10 - an easy short+1000 - basic+10:00 - extended
Email/RFC-2822: web Message Format day Standard, typically used because that timestamps in email headers
+1000 - authorize character (+) complied with by a four digit time providing hours (10) and also minutes (00) the the offset. Indicates ten hour and zero minutes time distinctions to the eastern of the zero meridian.
Military/NATO: offered by the U.S. Military, Chinese military and also others
Kilo - army abbreviation for AESTK - short form of "Kilo"
IANA/Olson: shows AEST time zone borders defined by political bodies, primarily intended for use with computer system programs and operating systems
Time zones with the GMT +10 offset: AEST - Australian Eastern standard TimeCHUT - Chuuk TimeChST - Chamorro conventional TimeK - Kilo Time ZoneKDT - Korea Daylight TimePGT - Papua brand-new Guinea TimeVLAT - Vladivostok TimeYAKST - Yakutsk Summer TimeYAPT - Yap TimeVST - Vladivostok conventional TimeCT - Chuuk TimePNGT - Papua brand-new Guinea Time

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