To one who has actually faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.

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St. Thomas Aquinas


This is most likely the most renowned St. Thomas Aquinas quote top top faith.

To me, it claims we teach as well much.

I’m as guilty together anyone. I’m a trained teacher. Ns love teaching. I’ve got years of endure teaching points that student don’t really treatment to learn, yet I love teaching.

Evangelization can’t job-related this way. The teaching will certainly come, in time, but we can’t start there. To teach is just a step in the process.

St. Cutting board Aquinas, physician of the Church and incredible teacher, knew this well. He to be deeply came to with teaching his students. He loved to teach and had a gift for creating highly logical and also reasonable arguments to assistance the faith that he mutual with his students.

He was the king that explanations. Just inspect out his masterpiece, Summa Theologiae. Explanation after ~ explanation after ~ explanation carry out an incredible teaching tool.

Teaching Those without Faith

But what around people without faith? can we teach castle faith?

Anyone deserve to learn the doctrines of the faith. Anyone deserve to read, study, and pass a theology test.

Faith is different. Confidence isn’t understanding of doctrines, recitation that explanations. If we want to share our belief with someone, we can’t just teach them. Castle won’t be prepared yet. Explanations won’t suffice, castle will only make it much easier for light of faith to discover its way into someone’s heart. Castle help, however they room not enough.

According to a Catholic forum, the quote over is a loose paraphrase native Aquinas’s Summa (thanks Don):

It appears to be a loosened paraphrase of S.T. II-II, Q. 1, Art. 5, reply obj. 1: “Unbelievers are in ignorance of points that are of faith, for neither do they see or understand them in themselves, nor do they know them to it is in credible. The faithful, top top the various other hand, know them, not as through demonstration, yet by the irradiate of faith which provides them see that lock ought to believe them, as proclaimed above” (A. 4, advertisement 2, 3).

Truth and also Love

I’ve met numerous Christians, Catholics, and even clergymans who have actually said that it was Truth that drew them right into the faith.

The search of reality is magnetic. We’re every on that route of searching. It is a course that is moved by our hearts, by our will.

I am the way, the truth, and the life. (John 14:6)

But let’s simply be careful. We can’t win civilization over to the belief through teaching alone. We need to win end hearts. And hearts deserve to only be won over through God.

Love constantly comes prior to faith; and God is love.

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