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Chapters 1 and 2

1. Whereby does Aunt Polly discover Tom?(a) in a closet(b) in the outhouse(c) in ~ the covers(d) behind a tree

2. What has actually Tom to be eating the he wasn't supposed to eat?(a) pie(b) chocolate(c) jam(d) cookies

3. Exactly how is Aunt Polly regarded Tom?(a) Tom is Polly's brother's son.(b) Tom is Polly's husband's brother's son.(c) Tom is Polly's sister's son.(d) Tom is Polly's husband's sister's son.

4. That is Jim?(a) a black boy who works at the house(b) a runaway who lives in the woods(c) Tom's girlfriend from school(d) Tom's half-brother

5. What walk Tom do once he theatre hooky?(a) he reads a book.(b) the plays baseball.(c) that goes swimming.

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(d) the plays catch.

6. What is Tom's current accomplishment?(a) discovering to capture tree frogs(b) finding out to litter a spitball(c) learning to whistle(d) discovering to create in cursive

7. What job does Polly provide Tom as punishment?(a) digging trenches in the garden(b) carrying water buckets(c) whitewashing the fence(d) mopping the floor

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