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timbre, likewise called timber, high quality of auditory sensations created by the tone of a sound wave.

The timbre of a sound relies on its wave form, which varies through the number of overtones, or harmonics, that room present, their frequencies, and their relative intensities. The illustration reflects the wave kind that results once pure tones the frequencies 100, 300, and also 500 hertz (cycles per second) and also relative amplitudes that 10, 5, and 2.5 room synthesized into a facility tone. At the best is the result of the 3 sine curves once their ordinates are added point by allude along the time scale. In equation form, the amplitude y the the wave form at any type of time t would certainly be stood for by y = 10 sin (2π 100t) + 5 sin (2π 300t) + 2.5 sin (2π 500t). The timbre of this type would be recognizable and also different from others having a basic tone that 100 hertz but a different harmonic amplitude.

In music timbre is the characteristic tone colour the an tool or voice, emerging from combine by individual singers or instruments of various harmonics, or overtones (q.v.), that a an essential pitch. Exceptionally nasal timbre for this reason stresses different overtones 보다 mellow timbre. The timbre the the tuning fork and of the stopped diapason organ pipe is clear and pure because the sound they create is nearly without overtones. Timbre is established by one instrument’s shape (e.g., the conical or cylindrical pipeline of a wind instrument), by the frequency range within which the tool can produce overtones, and by the envelope the the instrument’s sound. The timbre of talked vowels or the a to sing voice is amendment by constricting or opening miscellaneous parts the the vocal tract, such together the lips, tongue, or throat.

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