A rainbow is a spectrum of light that shows up in the sky once sunlight is refracted with rain autumn or other drops of moisture in the earth atmosphere.It is composed of 7 colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet and also was firstly discovered by Isaac Newton in his shade wheel.

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One the the many storied rainbow myths is that there"s a pot of gold at the finish of every one. Not only that, yet that the pot of yellow is guarded by a tricky leprechaun.

This myth was acquired from the story of the Vikings that stayed in Ireland year ago. This story goes choose this:

Once ~ above a time, the Vikings lived in Ireland, looting and also plundering together they pleased, climate burying their ill-gotten treasures all over the countryside.

When they at some point departed native the Emerald Isle, castle inadvertently left behind few of their booty, i m sorry the leprechauns found. Now, the leprechauns knew the Vikings had gotten their treasures with stealing, which to be wrong.

This poor behavior do the leprechauns mistrust all people, Vikings or not. In order to ensure no humans might take what they now thought about their gold, the leprechauns reburied the in pots deep underground all over the island.

When rainbows appear, they constantly end in ~ a spot whereby some leprechaun"s pot of yellow is buried. They have actually inspired much famous folklore, consisting of the belief that a leprechaun deserve to be uncovered with a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

This story the the Vikings and also Leprechauns was commonly spread and were taken as magic but it to be a myth. The factor why was the it is rarely and also taken together a miracle if you have the right to come a cross the end of a spectrum.


In few years earlier this myth concerned an finish when an amateur photographer as was travelling concerned meet the finish of the rainbow yet surprisingly there to be no pot of yellow at its finish as he thought.

Jason Erdkamp captured the shot as he took trip along a motorway in Orange County, California, in the rain.The finish of the rainbow showed up to arise from a stormy skies to hit the windscreen of grandfather Erdkamp’s vehicle as that drove along the northbound 341 tollroad.

As the drove follow me the motorway, he controlled to catch other shots of the rainbow in which it shows up to struggle the ground.



While grandfather Erdkamp was no able to discover a pot the gold, and also has not pointed out meeting any fairies after obtaining to the end of rainbow.

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There are an extremely many points we don’t know around the rain bow but as time go on we shall save discovering and sharing them.