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User manual, English (US) - page 1
... INCLUIDAS.© 2010 Funai electrical Co., Ltd. NEED help FAST?Owner"s ManualTB110MW9
DTV Digital to Analog Converter (Set peak Box)THANK you FOR choosing MAGNAVOX. IF YOU have actually READ her INSTRUCTIONS and also STILL need ASSISTANCE, girlfriend MAY accessibility OUR ONLINE assist AT WWW.MAGNAVOX.COM/SUPPORTOR WWW.FUNAISERVICE.COM/ OR speak to 1-800-605-8610 WHILE...
User manual, English (US) - web page 5
... Power under 26 city hall Analog
TV 27OthersTroubleshooting 30 Specifications 31Warranty ago Cover© 2010 Funai electrical Co., Ltd. V A/V Jacks 10 Connecting to a Cable Box (Optional 11 Connecting come Other devices 12Initial Setup (Setup Wizard)Initial Setup 13Basic OperationSelecting networks on Digital transfer 7 Accessories 7 Installing battery 7 location of...
User manual, English (US) - page 7
...,ni-mh, etc) batteries. Accessories
Check the adhering to accessories when unpacking the STB:Remote control: NA386UD (x1)Owner"s manual...Digital BroadcastingReceives ATSCATSCDigital terrestrial antennaSTB (Set optimal Box) converts the ATSC signalto analog signalTVDigital terrestrial signalsThis STB provides it feasible to check out the digital TV programs on your analog TV through the digital...
User manual, English (US) - page 13
...ónViewingConnectionSTBCable Box
DVD or VCRA (p.10)...Turn ~ above the TV, and also select the the town hall channel (ch3 or outside input channel) on your TV. (Refer come activate the STB. D (p.12)"CH3"-Si el c3 de su TV...remote control to her TV"s manual.)Encienda el TV, y seleccione el canal que quiera ver (canal 3 o uno de entrada externo) en su TV. (Véase el manual del TV...
User manual, English (US) - web page 14
... < K / L>, then press .está utilizando el cable RF para conectar el STB a su TV
. (conexión A o D en las páginas 10 y 12.)6 select your own.mediante y luego presione .EXIT AUTOSCAN12% EXITChannel Found• STB start receiving obtainable digital channelsand stores them in November.4 pick the language making use of < s / B>, then press ....
User manual, English (US) - page 15
... Channel by utilizing itshigh compression technology. CH> to go back to the previouslyviewed channel.• "NO SIGNAL" appears after the sub-channelbroadcast is 1 digit
, push when end up entering.If the sub-channel number is over.15EN E.g., picking 6.119:00CH4-1 (Soccer)19:30 CH4-1 (Soccer)CH4-2 (News...
User manual, English (US) - page 16
... Top top STILL because that a longperiod of time, the still picture maycause a burn-in effect damaging theTV
screen.16EN press .NOTE:• The sound output will not bepaused.• ...still mode,the photo remains paused and thesound output will certainly be muted.• If the TV is no English, Spanishnor French.• For worldwide stations audiolanguage will be presented as...
User manual, English (US) - page 17
... Info on the selected channel. Laugh CCABC-XXX ENGLISH 1/2 SIGNAL 503.1RESTRICTED PROGRAMTV
-Y7 FVStation name Channel number : Audio languageSignal strength : indicates the signal stamin of a printed TV routine guide. Basic OperationElectronic Program overview (EPG)Electronic Program guide (EPG) is a program information obtainable for "EPG".• once the program...
User manual, English (US) - page 18
...scanned may take a while come complete. Check out "Adding/Deleting Channels" on the TV
screen: Verify the antenna connection, then scan again. AUTOSCANEXIT CHANNELTIME ...AUTOSCAN" using < K / L>,then press . Advanced OperationAutoscan (Receiving Channels)Autoscan receives obtainable digital channels and stores lock in channel 2-1 and "NO SIGNAL" appears if the STB can not obtain any...
User manual, English (US) - page 19
... DELETE26.110 20 26 58ADD/DELETE58.1EXITADD CHANNEL10DELETE20TIME58DETAIL60INITIAL• The selected channel is 1 digit
, push <0> first. If the key channel number is currently deleted.Delete4 pick "DELETE" using < K / L>, then push .
User manual, English (US) - page 20
...>. Progressed OperationAdjusting AntennaSelecting display screen ModeYou can readjust the aspect ratio the the digital
TV regimen to gain the best reception. You can verify the signal toughness of each settings ... Screen Mode" on -screen indication, change the antenna"s direction come fit her 4:3 TV monitor.SETUPEXIT CHANNELTIME DETAILV-CHIP CLOSED inscription DISPLAY mode LETTERBOX AUTO strength DOWN...
User manual, English (US) - page 21
... Operation21EN ZOOMDisplays the 16:9 picture with the top and also the bottom the the photo fits the 4:3 TV
.Time Zone3 select "TIME ZONE" making use of < K / together >, then press . TIMEEXIT CHANNELTIME... Choose your area and set D.S.T appropriately to exit.FULL16:9 picture is left in LETTER BOX mode for a long duration of the snapshot are cropped, however the snapshot gets distorted.Select Time...
User manual, English (US) - web page 22
... Forget the password. Proceed to change the password... - If girlfriend forget the password, enter "4737" thenproceed to "New Password" on page 24.TIME4-a enter 4-digit
numbers except 4737asyour V-chip accessibility password native the following time onward.4-b get in the password utilizing .• Asterisk(*) will certainly appear. NOTE...
User manual, English (US) - page 23
RatingRating TV-MATV-14TV-PG TV-GTV-Y7TV-Y NoneDescription maturation audience only Unsuitable because that all kids No ratinghigher lowerAdvanced Operation23EN TV-MA TV-14 TV-PG TV-G TV-Y7 TV-Y... Block.• as soon as the rating is blocked, will be availablewhen the STB receives a digital transfer which has V-chip 2.0 signal.• If the broadcasting signal go not have actually the...
User manual, English (US) - page 24
...NOTE:• once you deserve to further set it to block, thehigher ratings will certainly turn
to view automatically. Entry field. Progressed OperationTo collection the sub Ratings for periods under 8...CLEAR downloadable RATING brand-new PASSWORD6 get in the brand-new 4-digit password making use of < K / l >, then push . V-CHIPEXIT CHANNELTIME detail INITIALSet TV rating. Check password.7 push to ...
User manual, English (US) - web page 25
TV has its own closed inscription called DTV CC. Pick service. The original CC style collection to exit. This is collection by the broadcast terminal will...
User manual, English (US) - page 27
...NOTE:• you cannot see Digital
TV with this setting, the analog TV signal have the right to view analog TV byholding under over 3 seconds. The town hall Digital TV Viendo TV Digital1 push come activate the STB.CH.You can view digital TV ~ above the STB.CONNECTION CONEXIÓNTVSTBTV antenna Antena de TVAdvanced OperationRF cable (supplied) cable...
User manual, English (US) - web page 30
is turned on. • Make certain that "D.S.T" and "TIME ZONE" is collection correctly. ( page 21.)• Sound volume differs depending upon .• This is a normal component of the problem. Try moving closer. • Remove any kind of obstacles in between the remote control and also the is selected on her TV. ( web page 13.) refer to the remote control.The TV display goes blank just after changing...
User manual, English (US) - web page 31
...10%, 60Hz+/-0.5%Power usage 8W (Power on), less than 1 W (Power turn off )Closed subtitle System §15.122/FCC (digital
CC)Operating problem 41°F (5°C) - 104°F (40°C)Dimensions (W x H x D) 9.5" x 1.7" x 6" (240mm x 43mm x 150mm)Weight 1.20lbs. (0.55kg)Designs and Specifications space subject come Analog ConverterTuner Receivable networks 2-69chConnecting Jacks ANT.
User manual, English (US) - page 32
... Which occurs in the joined States. THIS guarantee DOES not COVER packing MATERIALS, any ACCESSORIES
(EXCEPT REMOTE CONTROL), any COSMETIC PARTS, complete ASSEMBLY PARTS, DEMO OR FLOOR MODELS. THE PRODUCT MUST...inquiries, please call us at:FUNAI business CORPORATION Tel: 1-800-605-8610www.

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