Hey, friends! i’m going to store it extremely ethical with you and also let you understand that i feel choose I have to practice writing detailed reviews again. It’s to be a while, and also by a while i mean… it’s been due to the fact that February. Ns am rusty, and also not that confident, so I’m using my highlights and notes from a couple of rereads i did previously this year to hopefully shake some of that rust off and also regain a tiny confidence. Also, I always love a an excellent breakdown. So, without additional ado, here is the many chaotic break down review because that Twilight!

“And for this reason the lion dropped in love with the lamb…”

➽ chapter 1:I fully had forgotten that this publication just beginning out v Bella Swan thinking about death (love some an excellent foreshadowing), however basically, she is leaving Phoenix come live through her dad in Forks. Forks, Washington is a little town wherein everyone knows everyone. Oh, also, Bella is 5’4” prefer me and I had actually a great giggle.

➽ thing 2:This is the chapter where Bella meets the elusive Edward Cullen, that doesn’t date. Also, the Withering Heights mention, acquire me out of here.

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➽ thing 3:The van *accident* chapter, likewise we gain to view Bella’s an initial dreams of Edward.

➽ thing 4:Edward simply officially won’t leave Bella alone now.

➽ thing 5:“…but leaving me alone… i’m bad” and “I’m dangerous!” he states to her! This is also the chapter through the laboratory prompt of castle pricking your finger to number out your blood types. However Bella gets sick, and Edward drives she home.

➽ chapter 6:Jacob Black ultimately enters the story, through the start of Stephenie Meyer’s questionable native representation. They accomplish at the beach, where Jacob proceeds come tell Bella the Edward is a Vampire. Young Melanie important didn’t remember it going down choose that, and I have to laugh reasoning back.

➽ thing 7:NOT A FILIPINO VAMPIRE being IN THIS STORY! Please, God, assist me. Also, a taro cite even. What walk I carry out to ask for this representation? i truly think i blocked this the end for my very own health. Also, Bella is researching Vampires.

➽ chapter 8:Bella is going out v some girl girlfriend (in a an extremely het way) and also she nearly gets mugged. I truly had forgotten so lot of this book. But also, the top mushroom ravioli is ordered because that the first time in this chapter.

➽ chapter 9:Again, Edward continues to try to convince Bella that is dangerous by law the really bare minimum. Bella proceeds to confess the she is in love with him.

➽ chapter 10:This chapter had the start of some very questionable handicap representation, that was highkey an extremely ableist. We also learn the secret that Edward have the right to read minds, yet not Bella’s since she is the opposite of ordinary and all.

➽ chapter 11:Edwards asks 500 questions, and Jacob comes back into the story for 2 seconds.

➽ thing 12:Bella’s dad, Charlie, is going away on a fishing trip, so Bella deserve to spend a lot much more quality time v Edward without him knowing, even though he is pretty awful in this chapter. Yet we gain to meet Alice and also even in 2020 she is the only character deserving of rights, so we love the a lot. But the chapter ends v Bella making use of cold medication to sleep. Oh, and also we establish Edward is sparkly in this chapter! (How could I practically forget that?)

➽ chapter 13:Questionable medicine analogy that made me very uncomfortable. But then Edward gives Bella a piggyback ride v the forest, and they have actually their first kiss that they feel drunk from. I am also pretty certain Edward tells Bella that he wanted to eat and kiss her before he kisses her. Smooth, baby.

➽ chapter 14:Edward simply randomly start talking about his jealousy and how he watches her sleep and also likes as soon as she states his surname while sleeping. Bella absorbs all this info being presented and also asks him if they can get married.

➽ thing 15:Bella gets to go to Edward’s house, and also he tells she his backstory.

➽ chapter 16:We learn how Carlisle Cullen involved meet Edward and also how he conserved him. Again, Alice is the best Cullen and also best Twilight character.

➽ chapter 17:The famous vampire baseball chapter! Also, part proclaiming the love, yet then people start coming to their an enig forest field!

➽ thing 18:They desire Bella to leaving Forks, but she refuses to leave her dad.

➽ chapter 19:Bella speak Charlie the she is leaving to go back to Phoenix, but it is just a lie because that the Cullens to safeguard her.

➽ chapter 20:Bella lastly asking the real inquiries to Alice and also Jesper about how to end up being a vampire, if Alice is having ballet studio premonitions.

➽ chapter 21:Bella pretends to it is in on the phone with her mom, but it’s really a blackmail phone contact to entice her away from the Cullens once and for all.

➽ chapter 22:And Bella is extra dumb, therefore she runs away native the airport and also goes to the ballet studio from her youth, where bad things happen to her.

➽ chapter 23:But no worries because Edward is able to suck the venom out and save her life.

➽ thing 24:This is the chapter the irritated me the many (which is saying a lot), since I simply truly hate Bella’s mom. She truly desires to break-up her time between her new man and her child, and also it just feels horrible. Like, no wonder the Cullens seem therefore great, divine moly.

➽ Epilogue:What much better way to finish this story than through Edward taking Bella come prom together a special surprise treat! Jacob proceeds to tell them the him and also his family members will be watching them. Meanwhile, Bella simply wants to be a vampire, i m sorry is valid. Ns kinda loved just how this book ends top top a cliffhanger a small bit, where you can think the Edward is biting her, but we all know much better than that.


Overall, this to be a full adventure v a full variety of emotions. It has been fine over a decade due to the fact that I’ve read this, and also I had forgotten therefore much. I will say that it walk not attract me enough to choose up the next publication again, yet I to be still curious about what Stephenie is finally (and actually) walking to have published with Midnight sun in August. And also I’m an ext curious if she has revised it enough to have actually it satisfy 2020’s standards. (The bar is tho so really low, however I favor to think that isn’t tho 2005 low.)

If girlfriend made it to the finish of this, you room a brave soul, and I expect you uncover your special, sparkly vampire life partner(s). And also I expect you all have a smoother love story that the mess that is Edward and also Bella.

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Content and also Trigger Warnings for speak of self-destruction (attempted), ableist language, blood depiction, possible mugging, and talk of loss of a child in the past.