It’s time to talk around being possessive. Periodically possessiveness is good, occasionally it’s bad. But you look in ~ it, if you’re speak English, then you will need an apostrophe to display who own what.

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The apostrophe (‘) is just one of the many used and misused English point marks. Nobody is ever quite sure where to placed it. You deserve to use it once things space left out (contractions), yet it’s the possessiveness that causes the most trouble.

The apostrophe is all about making a explain of ownership. Friend belong come me. This belongs to that. In grammar speak, the apostrophe reflects the own of nouns.

There are four ways to usage the apostrophe to present ownership or belonging.

1. Include apostrophe s come the finish of a singular noun that does not end in s:

the manager’s room

2. Add apostrophe s to the finish of a singular noun, even if it end in s (this practice may vary in some places):

Doris’s scarf

3. Include apostrophe s come the finish of a many noun that doesn’t finish in s

the children’s bag

4. If the many noun ends in s, just include the apostrophe

my friends’ car

Notice that possessive pronouns prefer yours, his, hers, ours, its and theirs room not adhered to by the apostrophe.

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Finally, if you desire to play about with it, Wikipedia has a list of four phrases depicting how the apostrophe can literally adjust the meaning of sentences.

my sister’s friend’s invest (I have one sister and she has one friend.)my sisters’ friends’ investments (I have many sisters and they have numerous friends.)my sisters’ friend’s investments (I have plenty of sisters and also they have actually one friend.)my sister’s friends’ investments (I have actually one sister and she has countless friends.)

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