When ns was farming up in southerly Indiana in the 1950s, we had a phrase “until the last dog is dead”, which intended “until it’s almost everywhere or till everyone has actually gone home”. If I assumed of the beginning at all, ns probably claimed that it described dog-fighting.

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My friend grew up in main Wisconsin in the 1950s and her household said “until the last dog is hung”.

My questions: What’s the origin? exactly how old is it? whereby is it regionally distributed?

Thank you!

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I don’t have actually anything definite, but I’ve got one more possibility for you.

Organizations i belong to placed on volunteer-run conventions (typically Friday night v Sunday night). At the end of this conventions there is commonly a “Dead Dog Party” after most of the clean-up has actually been done. The party is mainly for the volunteers, but anyone who has actually stayed is generally welcome too. Among the attributes of the party is to shot to dispose of every the staying food and drink that had been accessible to world at the convention (rather 보다 hauling it residence or throwing the away).

Empty bottles that once hosted alcoholic beverages are sometimes referred to together “Dead Soldiers”. I watch the opportunity of a parallel utilizing “Dead Dogs” rather (“Dead Soldiers wouldn’t be specifically appropriate because alcohol wasn’t served at these events – simply soft drinks). Girlfriend party until all the dogs space dead (i.e. Till there’s nothing left to drink), climate you go home.

As i said, it’s simply a possibility. Due to the fact that the volunteers typically “worked prefer dogs” and also got very small sleep, it might instead be referring to “party until all the dog-tired people just collapse”. That in turn might bring up photos of when a dog “plays dead” – stretched out unmoving on the floor, however not precise dead (much like the volunteer at the end of the weekend).

The “Until the last dog is hung” variation, however, does suggest a various angle. “Dog” might simply refer to a disreputable person. Back in the old job they didn’t have actually mass entertainment prefer radio, TV and also such. If a person was sentenced to be hung people would regularly gather in large crowds come watch. Quite often the authorities would carry out several hangings every at once. There might be street vendors, speeches given and also a basic party setting to the proceedings. People would naturally stay till “The critical dog was hung” and then head home.

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I have nothing details to tie those phrases straight to these meanings. Lock are just suggestions of feasible alternatives come the “dog-fighting” possibility you mention.