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My vital was grounding in ignition around a month ago, but came out the following time i drove the car. (2000 Volvo S70/V70 SE) now it is stuck and will not come out at all. Any kind of ideas?
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Hit, bang, smack the hell out the the shifter until the change button releases. Then, take a paperclip and also clean out the gunk roughly the edges, then spray roughly the switch with some white lithium/silicone grease. Have to keep it functioning again because that another couple of years.Don"t usage WD40, the finest thing that accomplishes is accumulating an ext gunk.
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meh - simply pretend you"re in a Hollywood movie; reach under the dash, pull out two wires - one will be blue, one will be black. They"ll be straightforward to spot because they"ll be stripped around 1/2 inch each. Twisted them together and start the car! oh, and make sure you brush lock together an initial to view a spark.Leave the key in the ignition and forget around it!

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Do what jablackburn suggested. Occasionally the shifter go not want to go into park all the means which will reason it no to release the key.

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The ignition lock is draft to retain your an essential unless the car is in Park.There"s a stole cable that runs native shifter come the ignition switch to be certain that happens. If the button on the transition lever doesn"t pop every theway back down, the Shiftlock Overide switch gets stuck or the cable is stretched a tiny too long from year of use, the cable won"t have the ability to do it"s job and also the ignition switch will certainly not release your key.I had a similar experience that arisen after someone pushed the Shiftlock Override button in my car.It was never in-depth by the PO and someone had spilled something sticky on the shifter console. That madethe Shiftlock Override button stick and also my vital was stuck. It looked like it had actually popped earlier up, however was stilldepressed far sufficient to keep my key captive. I pulled the switch all the means up and all to be well.Later, i pulled the totality thing apart and cleaned EVERYTHING. I additionally tightened increase the cable a little bit.It adjusts at the shifter end. All has been well for numerous years now. Ns hope this helps.