I desire you to it is in sillier than ever. I desire you to display me all the wild creatures living inside you, the ones friend didn’t even know existed.

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I desire to go explore the large complexities of your mind. Come touch the unexplored corners of your soul. To accomplish the rawest variation of you.

I desire to spend my boring days through you. The days once we do nothing yet watch tedious reflects on our TV display while cuddled in a confusing cocoon.

I want to learn exactly how you love her tea, and observe how you wash your teeth.

Every morning I want to check a different part of your face until i’ve memorized every your functions by heart. I desire to lock every customs of her skin in mine mind and keep the there beyond forever.

I desire to walk for ice cream with you ~ above a December night then invest the rest of the mainly taking turns in make soups and also getting flu pills.

I’ll sleep in ~ the sheet of the sheets on the chillier nights to keep you warmer without her notice.

I’ll celebrate your victories together if they’re my own and plan escapes as soon as things don’t go according come plan. I’ll be the brakes to her downs and also the petrol to your ups.

I desire to listen to your ramblings and shot decoding her feelings when also you can’t number things out.

I desire your hand to it is in there once things obtain tough, when things walk great, and when we’re merely aimlessly cruising. Her hand, and not anyone’s else.

To replay your favorite songs and get a feeling of what the lyrics make you feel. I want to settle in your mind and decipher her logic. I desire to soothing the are afraid mites floating in your head.

I want to shower you v attention till I gulp down every glimpse the insecurity buried in the depth of her subconscious.

I want to develop with you something that will last much longer than time can even count. I want us to defy the legislations of physics.

I desire you to understand my biggest fears, and also keep them for sure from foreigners. I desire to trust you v my weakest points and also know the you’ll just want to make them stronger, you’ll just want to help me come to be the biggest version that myself.

I want us to do a corridor everyone envies however no one is enabled to join. A team where it’s us against the universe.

I want to make fun of strangers and imitate the human being we know.

I want united state to bicker about whose rotate it is to execute the dishes and what video clip game will certainly we play this time.

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I want to tickle you as soon as you get mad just to hear the sound of your laugh breaking the tension.

I desire to invest the remainder of mine life wondering how on planet did our souls get to acknowledge each other.