In Echinoderms a peculiar device is met with. It is filled with sea water, that is referred to as water vascular device or Ambulacral system. The entire system is lined through ciliated epithelium. This system is well emerged in Asteroidea. It con­tains Madreporite, stone canal, ring canal, 5 radial canals, Tiedemann"s bodies, lat­eral canals and tube feet.

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Madreporite: A calcareous plate prefer structure is present on the aboral surface ar of the main disc the star fish. It is placed near to two arms and also these 2 arms are referred to as "Biviurrr." On surface ar of the madreporite grooves of furrows room present. Every furrow consists of a variety of pores. For this reason it is referred to as serve plate. This pores led into small canal i m sorry open right into a stone canal.
Stone Canal: it is a "S" shaped canal, it is dubbed Madreporic canal. That travels towards the Pertaining snucongo.orge the mouth

" data-tiptheme=tipthemeflatdarklight data-tipdelayclose=500 data-tipeventout=mouseout data-tipmouseleave=false data-tipcontent=html class="jqeasytooltip jqeasytooltip3" id=jqeasytooltip3 title=Oral>oral next on unite with ring canal at among inter radius. The walls of stone canal are strengthened through calcarious rings. The inner surface ar of stone canal is lined with flagellated cells. The activity of flagelia will attract water currents right into the stone canal. The wall surface of the stone canal shows a ridge ~ above one side referred to as "Lamellated ridge."
Ring Canal: it is penta - radial and also is present arround the mouth, ~ above the dental side. At every inner radius, it mirrors poiian A little raised area of the external layer that the skin filled through a watery liquid

" data-tiptheme=tipthemeflatdarklight data-tipdelayclose=500 data-tipeventout=mouseout data-tipmouseleave=false data-tipcontent=html class="jqeasytooltip jqeasytooltip5" id=jqeasytooltip5 title=Vesicle>vesicles and also Tiedemann"s bodies.
Pollan Vesicle: In the Asteroidea groups, four muscular choose poiian engine are present at the 4 inter radi. Some scientists believe that they save water and are considered as reservoirs. Part scientists think about that they produce amoebocytes.
Tiedmann"s Bodies: typically in Asterias 9 Tiedeman"s bodies space present. ~ above either next of the poiian vesicle two Tiedemann bodies are present. In ~ the rock canal union with ring panal only one Tiedmann body is present. They are lymphoid sac like structures. Lock are thought to develop amoeboytes.
Radial Canals: from the ring canal 5 radial canals arise and also run throughout the entire length the the arm. Each radial canal lies listed below the ambulacral groove of the oral surface of the arm. Each radial canal ends at the tip of the arm as a tentacle. It is olfactory in function.
Lateral Canals: native the radial canal that each eight pairs of lateral canals will arise and also they end with tube feet.
Tube Feet: The basal part of the pipe feet is bulged and is referred to as ampulla. It proceeds as a long tube feet i m sorry ends with a "Sucker". The ampulla includes circular and also longitudinal muscles. The long tube feet prefer structure contain just longitudinal muscles. Lateral canal will certainly open right into ampulla and is guarded by a valve.
1) Losnucongo.orgotor function: The contraction of ampulla extends the tube feet. The tube feet will emerge out the the arm and also attaches to the substratum through the aid of suckers. The water native ampulla will never go into into lateral canal since of the visibility of valves.
The longitudinal muscle of the tube feet will contract and also the pet is traction forward and also the Podia besnucongo.orges short. The fluid is drawn ago into the ampulla. Hence relaxation and contraction of tube feet will lug losnucongo.orgotory motion in Star fish. Normally the losnucongo.orgotion is brought on by tube feet that one or two arms in one direction only.
2) Food collection: In stimulate to open the covering valves of the rndhrscan, Star fish utilises its pipe feet. Climate it feeds the soft material of Molluscan animals.

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