Over the years, countless movies have actually been filmed in West Virginia, yet how countless are about West Virginia? Our good state has numerous stories come tell – part tragic, part funny, part scary and some inspiring. These 11 are among the ideal of them.

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In 1970, together Marshall University"s Thundering Herd soccer team to be flying ago to the Marshall campus in Huntington, the airplane crashed versus a hillside, killing every 75 civilization on board. "We are Marshall" tells the story of exactly how The new Thundering Herd, under the the tutelage of new coach Jack Lengyel (McConaughey), assisted rebuild Marshall"s football program despite the obstacles in his path.

This movie is based upon the true story that Homer H. Hickam Jr. (Gyllenhaal), a young man cultivation up in a charcoal mining town, (appropriately named Coalwood), who dreams of ending up being a NASA engineer, in spite of his father"s disapproval. Inspired by their teacher, Ms. Riley (Dern), Hickam and also his friends decision to develop their own miniature rocket come launch from a surrounding hill, however face hurdles follow me the way. To view the trailer because that "October Sky," take a look below at this video from YouTube user NBC Universal.
3. The "Silent Hill" movies (2006, 2012) - certification Sean Bean, Radha Mitchell, Adelaide Clemens and also Kit Harrington

Based on the video clip games of the very same name, these horror movies take place in the fictional city of quiet Hill , West Virginia. The first film, vastly superior to the second, is an excellent horror film, and one of the ideal adaptions that a video clip game ever before put top top film. It is the haunting tale of a cursed town and a woman"s journey with a nightmare world to discover her lacking adolescent daughter. The second film adheres to the very same daughter together a teenager, that is as soon as again attracted to silent Hill and the horrors that lie within its borders.

"Matewan" dramatizes the events of the battle of Matewan, a 1920 charcoal miner"s strike that occurred in the titular town.

Based ~ above the publication of the exact same name by man Keel, this film is a loose adaptation of occasions that occurred between 1966 and 1967 in point Pleasant, despite the film is set in the present day.
This is a hilarious film around two hillbillies who space mistaken because that serial killers by a group of university students spending the weekend in a diverted West Virginia cabin.
"Wrong Turn" is a fear film about a group of human being stranded in the mountains of West Virginia ~ a car accident. One by one, they are murdered through unknown assailants, who rotate out to be deformed cannibals life in the woods.
A documentary around James E. Childers, a Clarsksburg resident who sent out letters and an audio tape come the police confessing to 4 acts that arson and five murders. Soon after his confession, he shot himself in a hotel room while police were attempting come arrest him, leave behind a secret and several unsolved murders. The documentary was created by shed Valley Studios, a West Virginia based production company.To watch the chilling trailer because that "Mountain the the Missing," take a look in ~ the video below from YouTube user lost Valley Studios.
This was among those therefore bad, its great, form of films. This one speak a fictitious story based roughly the legend that the Mothman. The film was created the SyFy Channel and is yes, really enjoyable if you don"t expect too much from it. Although, the acting is pretty solid, so the helps a great deal.
This film is a heist comedy about a West Virginia family, the Logans, and also their attempt to plunder the Charlotte motor Speedway. This is one ensemble film by the same man who do the Ocean"s 11 films. As well as the actors noted above, the movie also stars Seth McFarlane, Riley Keough, Katie Holmes, boy name Swank, Katherine Waterston and Sebastian Stan.
The documentary, i m sorry premiered in ~ the Sundance film Festival, is about the environmental affect of coal mining and also mountaintop removed mining in the Appalachian region. This movie concentrates specifically top top the mining of Coal river Mountain here in West Virginia.

Most that these films are now available on DVD or Blu-ray.

What is your favorite film around West Virginia? Feel totally free to comment below and join the discussion.

To see more about West Virginia top top the big screen, inspect out these locations is West Virginia that confirmed up in well known movies.

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Geoffrey Foster has actually lived in West Virginia for much more than 20 years. That is an author, blogger, journalist and also outdoor enthusiast.

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