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We have actually an old Ward"s western 16 gauge Pump Action. Whenever it is fired, it"s activity opens and stays open. Loading an ext than one shell at a time doesn"t work. Is there any kind of easy factor for this and/or resolve to it?
It will count on simply which brand that shotgun that is.Several mfg"s made firearms for dept. Stores favor Wards,Sears,Western Auto,etc.Post a picture or 2 of the gun,and perhaps we have the right to see what brand,model friend have.It probably is a Stevens shotgun,they made a lot v the Western field name on them.

If the pain is doing not have so is the discipline..."the just 911 contact I need is chambering a round" - Mr. Muller, MO automobile dealer

The latch/lock the holds the bolt closed may be worn/ broken/ crudded up. If you can article model numbers, it may be in among my cross references. For a start, be certain you room using the right size 16 g shell. If the is not significant as 2 3/4 customs shells, it might be for a 2 9/16ths shell (longer shell will tho chamber, however give MUCH greater unsafe pressures) Next, piece it down and also clean it. Gunscrubber spray deserve to be helpful- do it outdoors, gloves and also safety glasses,

Pictures are basically unavailable, ns only have actually a webcam on mine laptop. That is marked for, and used with, 16 Gauge 2 3/4 customs shells. That is a ward"s Western ar Model 60-SB620-A. I recently stripped and cleaned it for the hell that it once I was cleaning the various other guns, so if i go come a selection I may take it and be may be to upgrade you guys on it. My Dad is protest to shoot it if there might be a mechanical malfunction.

Stevens model 620A. Check component #4. Numrich Gun components Corp. - The World"s biggest Supplier of guns Parts and also Accessories
Some that the screws space old and stripped. Ns think we might need to acquire a pistol smith. If that is the problem, is it dangerous come shoot? and also if the isn"t the problem, how numerous things might be dorn that would certainly make the dangerous to shoot?
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