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To save or no to keep? choose one up about 10 years ago from a gun show for about $75. It remained in kinda turbulent shape however thought it to be so weird and also would be fun to restore. I totally restored it and I think it"s yes, really nice and an interesting piece however have just put a pair of shells v it. I have done a tiny research top top it and also from what I discovered it to be made by Mossberg in the 60s because that Montgomery Ward"s. It"s one of those in my collection that ns don"t see myself ever before really using however not certain if I"d desire to eliminate it. I realize it"s no a sought after ~ gun but sometimes ns think I"d rather have a solitary shot 410 instead, because that a yard(snake gun). Thoughts? store it? sell it?

As noted, castle aren"t worth much on the open market. They are great shotguns for kids and beginners. I killed my an initial pheasant and also duck through a Mossberg 185D in 20 gauge. If you desire to market yours, send me some photos and price proposal. Mark at cardinalguns period com
I never ever had any desire for these for this reason would offer it if at all possible. I would certainly hope to obtain my initial investment back and chalk the time and materials come "restore" it approximately experience. If i didn"t want to market it myself, I would look because that a pawn shop to sell to together that is whereby I see these guns the most. They may not sell very well in the detailed $140-170 together the regional pawn shops it seems ~ to have actually a stable inventory of them.

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Those bolt action shotguns were quite famous with beginners, farmers and poor nation folks around here who simply liked come hunt earlier in the 60"s and also "70"s. Ns inherited one once my dad in law died. It was the just gun he ever owned and also was used mostly for pest control roughly the farm. I look in ~ them as an exciting piece of history from a bygone and sorely let go era.
i just happen to have a 1969 Montgomery Ward fall/winter directory on hand so i looked that up. That gun with flexible c-lekt choke barrel retailed because that 44.95 and also with solved choked barrel 39.95. The Western field model 100 break open single shot top top the following page sold for 37.95.
It"s tough to imagine that wasn"t that long ago that persons owned just a couple guns in ~ most and many couldn"t covering out the coin for a pump gun. Exactly how times have changed.
My first gun was a .410 this style, killed a bunch that critters v it. Its by no method a status symbol but definitely a cool small game getter.
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My an initial shot gun was similar...hawthorn was the name...bolt activity 20. The an initial shells I supplied were high brass #4 s..that point was light and also kicked hard...I rescued that from the loft of my dads barn as soon as I was around 12.. The bolt to be rusted closed but I soaked it in diesel and got the freed up..I re blued and also refinished the stock...I might knock down a phesant and anyone with a 12 ..couldn"t struggle a quail through it to conserve my life tho..probably to tight a choke mine guess...I still have it and will most likely keep it...I have been tempted come hunt Turkey with it...

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I purchase a Mossberg 20 GA bolt gun because that #3 kid as a youth turkey gun. The took number of turkeys v it before graduating come 12 GA 2 3/4"
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shaman, that is a good picture. Hope we never forget indigenous whence we came. Provide the young male a "high-five".
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