Key distinction – Prions vs Viroids  

Infectious particles cause diseases in plants, animals, and also other organisms. There are different species of infectious agents such as bacteria, fungi, protozoans, viruses, viroids, prions, etc. Viroids and prions are small infectious particles which behave prefer virus particles. However, both species are structurally various from a common viral particle. Viruses consists two significant parts: hereditary material and protein capsid. Viroids and prions contain either hereditary material or protein capsid. Viroids have the right to be identified as little and naked contagious RNA molecule that cause diseases in greater plants. Prions have the right to be defined as little proteinaceous particles that cause diseases in animals including humans. The vital difference between prions and viroids is that prions carry out not contain nucleic acids while viroids do not save on computer proteins.

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1. Overview and key Difference2. What are Prions 3. What are Viroids4. Similarities between Prions and Viroids5. Next by next Comparison – Prions vs Viroids in Tabular Form6. Summary

What room Prions?

A prion is an transmittable protein particle comprised of amino acid chains. They perform not contain nucleic acids such together DNA or RNA. Most prions are smaller sized than viroids. Prions infect animals, leading to neurological degenerative illness such as mad cow disease (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) in cows, scrapie condition in sheep and also goats, kuru and gerstmann-strausler-sheinker diseases in humans, creutzfeldt-jakob disease, etc. Kuru and also mad cow conditions are very common and also their symptoms encompass the lose of engine control and unusual behaviors. Prion illness can happen in three various ways named, acquired, familial and also sporadic. However, the primary technique of prion infection in pets is with ingestion.

Figure 01: Prion Structure

Prions have actually a an extremely long incubation duration in hosts. Since prions room proteins, they deserve to be digested by proteinase K and trypsin. However, prions space resistant come ribonucleases. Castle are also highly resistant to heat, chemistry agents, and also irradiation. Prions space able to self-replicate. However, they are not considered as viruses. They serve as a separate contagious group.

What are Viroids?

A viroid is an infectious RNA particle developed from a single-stranded one RNA. Viroids were an initial discovered and also named by the tree pathologist Theodor O. Diener in 1971. The an initial viroid established was Potato Spindle Tuber Viroid (PsTVd) and thirty-three species of viroids have been figured out up to now. Viroids perform not save a protein capsid or an envelope. They are comprised of only RNA molecules. Due to the fact that viroids space RNA particles, they have the right to be spend by ribonucleases. Yet unlike prions, viroids can not be ruined by proteinase K and also trypsin. The dimension of the viroid is smaller sized than a usual virus particle. Viorids require a organize cell because that reproduction. Other than a single stranded RNA molecule, they carry out not synthesize proteins.

Figure 02: framework of Pospiviroid

Viroids execute not cause human diseases. Castle infect greater plants and cause diseases like potato spindle tuber disease, and also chrysanthemum stunt disease. These infectious RNA particles room responsible for crop failures and also subsequently, the loss of millions of money in farming annually. Potato, cucumber, tomato, chrysanthemums, avocado and coconut palms space plants which are commonly subjected come viroid infections. Viroid infections are transmitted by overcome contamination complied with by mechanical damage to the plant. Part viroid infections are transmitted by aphids and leaf to leaf contact.

What space the Similarities in between Prions and also Viroids?

Prions and viroids space pathogenic particles.Both species lack one of two people one component of two significant components (protein coat and nucleic acids) that viruses.Both corpuscle are smaller than viruses.

What is the Difference between Prions and also Viroids?

Prions vs Viroids

Prions are transmittable protein particles.Viroids are tiny and naked infectious RNA molecules.
Prions were found by Stanley B. Prusiner.Viroids were called by T. O. Diener in 1971.
Genetic Material
Prions do not save DNA or RNA.Viroids contain RNA.
Digestion by Proteinase K and Trypsin
Prions deserve to be digested by proteinase K and also trypsin.Viroids can not be spend by proteinase K and also trypsin.
Digestion through Ribonucleases
Prions space resistant come ribonucleases.Viroids have the right to be spend by ribonucleases.
Prions infect animals.Viroids infect higher plants.
 Common Diseases 
Prions cause diseases such together mad cow an illness in cows, scrapie disease in sheep and goats, etc.Viroids reason diseases such together potato spindle tuber disease, chrysanthemum stunt disease.
Prions have the right to self propagate.Viroids deserve to reproduce just within a organize cell.
Prions are smaller sized than viroids. Viroids are smaller sized than viruses.

Summary – Prions vs Viroids

Prions and also viroids are infectious particles which reason diseases in animals and also plants, respectively. Prions are little infectious protein molecules which cause diseases in animals. Prions perform not contain nucleic acids. Viroids space plant pathogens the possess just a single stranded circular RNA molecule. Viroids carry out not encode or contain proteins. This is the difference between prions and also viroids.

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