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Montag does have a helmet with 451 emblazoned ~ above it, the temperature at which record burns, a symbol that firemen have actually been turned right into censors, burn books. However he also wears two various other symbols ~ above his uniform: a salamander top top his arm and also a phoenix in a key on his...

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Montag does have actually a helmet through 451 emblazoned on it, the temperature at which file burns, a symbol the firemen have actually been turned right into censors, burning books. But he additionally wears two other symbols ~ above his uniform: a salamander on his arm and a phoenix in a key on his chest. The salamander is a fitting image for a fireman, because that salamanders were when thought to live in fire and thus to have actually the ability to stand up to its flames. The firemen that burn the books likewise are supposed to have the capacity to withstand flames. The phoenix is a mythical bird that when shed arises young and reborn native the flames.

The salamander also has a much more ironic definition in the novel. First, together Faber point out out, the "salamander devours his tail," meaning in this case that the underground is beginning to usage fire versus the firemen by burning firehouses and also firemen"s residences. The firemen"s weapon is becoming the resource of your destruction. Second, Beatty, the fire chief and also figure in the novel who most represents the civilization of publication burning, is ruined by fire.

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Bradbury also shows that the phoenix has been appropriated by the really men, the renegade book readers, whose books the firefighters space out to destroy. Near the finish of the novel, Granger speaks, and also the phoenix i do not care a cautionary prize of the previous while the broader and more hopeful paper definition of the underground activity becomes the genuine site of rebirth:

There was a silly damn bird called a Phoenix back before Christ: every couple of hundred year he built a pyre and burned self up. He must have actually been first cousin come Man. However every time he burnt himself increase he sprang out of the ashes, he got himself born almost everywhere again. And it looks like we"re doing the very same thing, over and over, however we"ve obtained one damn thing the Phoenix never ever had. We recognize the cursed silly point we just did. We understand all the cursed silly things we"ve done because that a thousands years, and as lengthy as we recognize that and always have it roughly where we have the right to see it, some day we"ll protect against making the goddam funeral pyres and also jumping right into the center of them.