Hydration is essential to optimal athletic performance, for this reason don"t be fear to with for the water bottle once you"re feeling parched mid-run. It"s important to rehydrate before, during, and after functioning out. Signs the dehydration are pretty serious, and also include muscle cramps, nausea, headaches, fatigue, and dark urine—no thanks. Luckily, dehydration is pretty preventable. 

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when there"s no specific amount needed for maintain (the totality 8-glasses a day point is arbitrary), you should definitely drink increase before and also after a workout come feel and perform your best. Everybody"s hydration needs are different. Hear to her body"s needs and also watch your pee. Yes, I"m serious! It have to be a natural, light yellow hue, not too dark or too clear. 

Water functions well for in hydrating most human being engaging in middle exercise, but some excessive athletes or endurance exercisers require more. Keep in mind that hydration is more than chugging water — it"s a balance the fluids and also electrolytes (including potassium, magnesium, sodium, chlorine, calcium, and phosphate). Details high-water foods, prefer fresh fruits and vegetables, can contribute to your fluid intake, too. 

It"s also possible to be over-hydrated. Drinking also much fluid can result in electrolyte imbalances and also may make reason dizziness, fatigue, and heart arrhythmia. 

Jocelyn Hsu

#SpoonTip: Other components can affect your hydration status. If you space training in ~ high altitudes, friend are likely to need much more fluid than when you train at low altitudes.

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Drinking plain water can be difficult for part people, though. It"s kind of, well, boring. Listed below is a list of beverages, besides plain water, to help you rehydrate your workout routine to feel and also perform her best.

1. Water v Fruit Slices

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As discussed above, there"s nothing much better than an excellent old H20 because that most world engaging in low or moderate intensity exercise. Yet if girlfriend can"t get yourself come drink plain water, friend can try to liven that up through some fruit or vegetable wedges to infuse it v some flavor. 

2. Water v a Splash of sporting activities Drink, or a 50/50 Mix

If you"re functioning out because that an extended duration at high intensity, or engaging in endurance training, you may need much more than water to rehydrate.

sporting activities drinks, although sugary, are ideal for those engaging in extreme exercise for over two hours. After two hours, most people run out of glycogen storage in your muscles, and need a little glucose to fuel your workout.

The an increase of street from sports drinks can help endurance athletes get rid of glucose level slumps and also replace exhausted electrolytes come fuel the remainder of their workout.

If you"re not training for over 2 hours however feel choose you need a glucose or electrolyte an increase after a tough workout, including a splash the a sporting activities drink come water, or diluting the 50/50 through water, is a wise method to rehydrate there is no over-loading on sugar. 

3. Coconut Water

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Like sports drinks, coconut water has electrolytes, including magnesium, sodium, and phosphorous. It"s reduced in street than many sports drinks, and can be a an excellent alternative because that a hydrating beverage before, during, or ~ medium-intensity exercise. It also contains a an especially high amount of potassium, i m sorry is an excellent for hydration and cell recovery post-exercise.

That said, that is lower in sodium than many sports drinks, therefore if you determined coconut water ~ high-intensity or lengthy exercise, make certain you acquire some additional sodium in friend from an additional fluid or snack, or sprinkle in a bit of salt.

4. Water v a Splash the Fruit Juice

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Although juice isn"t the finest thing to drink on a continuous basis (it"s much better to eat whole fruits end juice!), adding a splash to your water during or ~ a low to moderate-intensity exercise can offer you a little glucose rise and add flavor to attract you to keep drinking.

Certain juices, like orange juice, additionally contain potassium and also calcium, i beg your pardon are vital electrolytes. Though no a complete spectrum that electrolytes, paired with the appropriate snack, that can aid you replenish what you"ve lost.

5. DIY sports Drink

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If you space feeling dehydrated ~ a workout however don"t have a sports beverage top top hand, you deserve to make her own. Combine one tespoon of salt, six teaspoons of sugar, and one liter of water, mix, and also enjoy. A splash that juice will of course assist enhance the flavor.

6. Pedialyte

Some commercially accessible waters are enhanced with electrolytes, which may help you rehydrate after working out. It"s worth noting, however, that some brands add electrolytes for taste and not to help hydration, for this reason they may not be a complete source of electrolytes.

These work great for everyday exercisers, but if you"re doing high-intensity, lengthy exercise and also need electrolytes and also some glucose, a sporting activities drink is a much better bet.

What about Protein Drinks?

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While protein smoothies and also powders may assist you fill up after ~ a workout, and you can additionally count the liquid added to them in the direction of your hydration tally, protein drink won"t necessarily replace all the fluids and also electrolytes girlfriend need.

If you desire to enjoy a protein shake after ~ a workout, go for it. But be sure to obtain some various other fluids and also electrolytes, too.

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The Bottom Line

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No 2 bodies, days, or workouts are specifically alike, and also every day needs different quantities of food and water. Listen to her body"s needs and shot some of the beverages over to stay hydrated post-working out.