169 is the perfect square of one odd number 13, i m sorry is a prime number together well. 169 is just one of the few squares for the turning back equation is additionally true i.e. 31 x 31 = 961. Factors of 169 are the number which once multiplied in pairs give the product as 169. These components can be an adverse as well. 169 is an also composite number, which way that it has actually several factors. In this lesson, we will calculate the components of 169, prime factors of 169, and also factors the 169 in pairs along with solved examples for a better understanding.

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Factors the 169: 1, 13 and also 169Prime Factorization of 169: 13 × 13
1.What room the components of 169?
2.How come Calculate factors of 169?
3.Factors that 169 by element Factorization
4.Factors of 169 in Pairs
5.FAQs on determinants of 169

What space the components of 169?

The aspect of a number is that number the divides it completely without leaving any kind of remainder.Therefore, to discover the components of the number 169, we will need to perform division on 169 and also find the number which division 169 completely.

How to calculation the components of 169?

To calculate the determinants of 169, we need to find all the number that would divide 169 there is no leaving any remainder. We begin with the number 1, then check for number 2,3,4,5,6,7, and also so on up to 85, (the approximate half the 169). The number 1 and the number itself would always be a factor of a given number.

Refer come the complying with table to check the department of 169 through its factors:

169 ÷ 1

Remainder = 0

Factor = 1

169 ÷ 13

Remainder = 0

Factor = 13

169 ÷ 169

Remainder = 0

Factor = 169

Important Notes

Only composite numbers can have much more than 2 factors.169 is a perfect square number. Thus, it will have an odd number of factors. This building holds true for every perfect square number.

Factors of 169 by prime Factorization

Prime administer of a number describes breaking down a number into the kind of assets of its prime factors. There are different methods that deserve to be used to find the components of 169 by prime factorization.

Division Method

To find the prime factors of 169 making use of the division method,

After detect the smallest prime factor of the number 169, i m sorry is 13, divide 169 through 13 to attain the quotient 13. 169 ÷ 13 = 13Repeat the very first step with the derived quotient (13). Again, the prime factor for 13 would be 13. 13 ÷ 13 = 1

So, the element factorization of 169 is 13 × 13 = 132

Factor Tree Method

We can do the very same procedure making use of the factor tree the 169 as displayed in the diagram offered below.


So, the prime factorization of 169 is 13 × 13.

Now the we have done the prime factorization of ours number, we can multiply them and get the other factors. Deserve to you shot and discover out if every the factors are spanned or not? and as you could have currently guessed it, for prime numbers, there room no other factors.

Factors of 169 in pairs

Pair components are the factors of a number provided in pairs, which as soon as multiplied together offer that original number. The pair determinants of 169 would be the 2 numbers which when multiplied together, result in the worth 169

The following table represents the calculate of factors of 169 in pairs:

Factor Pair Pair Factorization
 1 and also 169

1 × 169 = 169

13 and also 13

13 × 13 = 169

Therefore, the pair determinants of 169 can be provided as (1, 169) and (13, 13).

Solved examples on factors that 169

Example 1 Calculate the amount of every the determinants of 169.


We know,The determinants of 169 = 1, 13, 169Thus,The amount of all the components = 1 + 13 + 169 = 183

Example 2 What are the usual factors of 169 and 196?


We recognize that,Factors of 169 = 1, 13, 169Factors of 196 = 1, 2, 4, 7, 14, 28, 49, 98, 196Thus, the common factor of 169 and 196 is 1.

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FAQs on factors of 169

1.What room the determinants of 169?

The components of 169 room 1, 13, and also 169.

2.What is the highest factor of 169?

The highest variable of 169 is 169.

3.What room the common factors the 169 and 182?

The usual factors of 169 and also 182 space 1 and 13.

4.Is 169 a prime number?

No, 169 is no a element number. It is a composite number since it has more than 2 factors: 1, 13, and also 169 (the number itself).

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5.Is 169 a perfect square?

The square root of 169 is 13. Hence 169 is a perfect square.