Fox sports Sun, formerly Sun Sports and originally Sunshine Network, is an American regional sports network the is own by Fox Cable Networks, a unit of the Fox entertain Group division of 21st Century Fox, and also operates as an affiliate of Fox sporting activities Networks. The channel broadcasts local coverage that professional, collegiate and sporting occasions in the state the Florida, through a emphasis on skilled sports groups based in Miami, Tampa and also Orlando. Fox sporting activities Sun and sister regional sports network Fox sporting activities Florida room headquartered in fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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Fox sporting activities Sun is obtainable on cable carriers throughout Florida; the is also obtainable nationwide ~ above satellite via DirecTV and also Dish Network.


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The channel released in in march 1988 together Sunshine Network, initially serving as an affiliate of prime Network. In 1996, News Corporation, which formed a sports department for the Fox Broadcasting firm in 1994 through the acquisition of the television rights to the nationwide Football Conference the the nationwide Football League, gone into into a joint venture with TCI"s Liberty Media and also rebranded the company"s prime Network affiliates under the "Fox sporting activities Net" banner.

Sunshine Network was the just Fox sports Net owned-and-operated charter outlet that did no rebrand under that name as soon as it and the various other Prime outlets relaunched as Fox sports Net top top November 1, 1996.

In 1997, Cablevision acquired an interest in Sunshine Network and the Fox sporting activities Net branded networks after News Corporation and Liberty Media to buy a 40% interest in the Charles Dolan-owned company"s sports properties including the SportsChannel America networks (as well as Madison Square Garden and also its NBA and NHL team tenants, the new York Knicks and brand-new York Rangers) in a transaction worth $850 million, forming the endeavor National sports Partners to run the owned-and-operated local networks.

Sunshine Network adjusted its name to Sun Sports ~ above January 18, 2005, in order to reflect its sports-focused programming. Sun Sports and Fox sports Florida were spun off v the rest of the Fox sports Networks and most that News Corporation"s various other U.S. Entertain properties into 21st Century Fox in July 2013. On October 4, 2015, sun Sports adjusted its surname to Fox sports Sun.


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Fox sports Sun stop the local cable television rights to the NBA"s Miami Heat, the NHL"s Tampa bay Lightning, and the Tampa only Rays of significant League Baseball. In addition, Fox sporting activities Sun provides basketball, football, baseball and other sanctioned sporting occasions from, Florida State University. Fox sporting activities Sun has actually long preserved a partnership with the college of Florida and also Florida State, creating all continual season football video game telecasts because that both universities and airing castle statewide ~ above the channel ~ above a day-behind basis. However, v the launch of the SEC Network, university of Florida programming now consists of GatorZone and also coaches shows.

Fox sporting activities Sun maintains separate feeds for individual regions of the state, with feeds for Miami (covering south Florida), Tampa (covering western Florida) and Orlando (covering northern and main Florida). The separation the broadcast zones for the channel is mostly because of the identified broadcast territories set by the national Basketball Association for the Orlando Magic and Miami Heat, and by the nationwide Hockey organization for the Tampa just Lightning. Programming checked out in each broadcasting region is usual in most areas, and includes a mix that programs supplied by Fox sports Networks and also some original programming exclusive to Fox sporting activities Sun and also Fox sports Florida.

Fox sports Sun is likewise home come outdoor programming, highlighted by comprehensive salt and also fresh water fishing programs such together the Chevy Florida Insider Fishing Report and also Sportsman"s Adventures.

Programming civil liberties with Fox sports Florida

FOX sports Sun shares the broadcast civil liberties to the aforementioned professional sporting activities teams with Fox sporting activities Florida. Together the two local networks are frequently owned, events from any kind of team/conference in which Fox sporting activities Sun and also Fox sports Florida broadcasts room able come air on either channel relying on the start time of each team"s respective gamings (particularly through the Marlins and Rays, because both teams regularly play in ~ concurring begin times).

The two networks do not focus on one region of Florida (although it was lengthy rumored due to the fact that the two came under common ownership that Fox sports Sun would carry only teams from the Orlando and Tampa only areas, if Fox sports Florida would carry Miami-area teams), but simply distribute gamings in accordance v each team"s territorial rights, v both cable networks maintaining share exclusivity over regional broadcasts that Lightning, Heat, Marlins, Rays and also the Magic, if Fox sports Florida maintains exclusive regional rights to NHL games involving the Miami-based Florida Panthers.

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In 2010, the Miami Marlins moved every one of its significant League Baseball gamings to Fox sporting activities Florida, if the Tampa only Rays began carrying all their gamings on Fox sporting activities Sun. Before 2009, part Rays gamings were obtainable on broadcast television stations in the state via a network made up of the state"s Ion television stations.

On-air staff

Current on-air staff

Tampa only Rays Brian Anderson - shade commentator Dewayne Staats - play-by-play announcer Orestes Destrade - pre-game and also post-game shade analyst Doug Waechter - pre-game and post-game color analyst/pundit affluent Hollenberg - Pre and Post game host Tampa only Lightning Brian Engblom - analyst Paul Kennedy - host and also in-game reporter stack Peckham - play-by-play announcer Bobby Taylor - pre, post-game and intermission analyst Dave Andreychuk - pre, post-game and intermission analyst kris Myers - Fill-in play-by-play announcer Florida Panthers Steve Goldstein - play-by-play announcer Denis Potvin - analyst bill Lindsay - in video game reporter and analyst chris Myers - Fill-in play-by-play announcer Miami Marlins wealthy Waltz - play-by-play announcer Todd Hollandsworth - analyst Craig Minervini - pre-game host and also in-game reporter preston Wilson - pre and post-game analyst Carl Pavano - pre and post-game analyst Jeff Conine - pre and post-game analyst kris Myers - Fill-in play-by-play announcer Miami heat Tony Fiorentino - analyst Jason Jackson - post-game host and in-game reporter Eric Reid - play-by-play announcer Ron Rothstein - half-time and post-game analyst kris Myers - Fill-in play-by-play announcer Orlando Magic Jeff Turner - analyst Paul Kennedy - host and in-game reporter David Steele - play-by-play announcer kris Myers - Fill-in play-by-play announcer

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