Assuming that you"re old enough to create your name, you"ve most likely heard this quote a number of times, understanding that it originates from the movie Forrest Gump.

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And since the award-winning flick recently commemorated its 20th anniversary, I"m offering you reasons why it can honestly be taken into consideration the ultimate sports movie.

We all know that the Alabama Crimson Tide room at the optimal of the university football civilization these days—winning three of the past five national titles and also scoring the No. 1 recruiting course for three directly years.

But prior to the Tide had their revival under head coach Nick Saban, a couple of casual pan may have actually associated the school with one guy, Forrest Gump.

The movie profiles legend coach be afflicted with Bryant happen Gump come Tuscaloosa, v Forrest enjoying immediate success together a kick returner.

Just as Forrest Gump showed once on the gridiron through the Alabama Crimson Tide, he showed to be rather the athlete once holding a pingpong paddle, too.

Picking up the sport while recovering indigenous his "million dollar wound" after acquiring shot in the booty throughout the Vietnam War, Gump to be a quick study, performing miscellaneous tricks and, eventually, contending in China and also becoming a world champion in the sport.

As ns mentioned previously in the slide about Forrest playing for the Alabama Crimson tide football team, the dude can run—and fast.

But it wasn"t until he to be being pegged v rocks from some bullies that he found how lightning-quick he might move.

Breaking the end of the braces on his legs, Forrest verified to have the rate of Usain Bolt, who, as we know, is normally regarded together the fastest guy in the world.

For those who have actually seen Forrest Gump before, you know that the whole basis the the movie takes location on a park bench, v Gump explicate a sensational amount of historical occasions that he was a component of.

Naturally, a couple of other sporting activities scenes have actually been motivated to perform the same.

One cool example is this parkour athlete, that re-enacts Gump running to his longtime love Jenny"s house—with the video displaying a few intense parkour skills as opposed to simply some jogging.

As I"ve discussed a couple of times, Forrest Gump really appreciated running—especially after ~ he realized how an excellent he to be at it.

And after ~ he establish his love Jenny had left without informing him beforehand in the morning, Forrest did what any type of guy would seemingly do with a broken heart—lace up his kicks and also go because that a run.

Except Gump"s street wasn"t just a few miles to clean his head, rather transforming it into a back-and-forth journey between the coasts several various times.

As he stated in the movie, "I just felt like running."

Speaking of Forrest running countless miles in the movie, one real-life man took Gump"s fictional run throughout the nation as motivation to execute his very own journey.

Just together I verified you earlier with the parkour athlete that re-enacted Gump"s walk come Jenny"s house, part dude named Jamie McDonald—aka the brother Forrest Gump—celebrated a an ext than 5,000-mile trek throughout Canada by touching his hand in the Pacific Ocean.

Forrest"s adventures may have actually been stunner to believe, but this guy showed the a few of the stories could actually happen.

How impactful to be the movie Forrest Gump?

Someone actually compiled this imaginary step from the movie adhering to LeBron James cramping and being carried off through teammates throughout this year"s NBA Finals, proving the the flick has quite the remaining power.

The only problem, of course, is that Gump was able to conserve Lt. Dan in the movie, if James and his then Miami warm teammates suffered a beatdown in ~ the hands of the san Antonio Spurs.

Still, #LeBroning just seemed to take in miscellaneous forms.

Sure, anyone knows the strong apparel firm Nike now, but earlier when the brand was an initial born in 1971, few people evaluate it as lot as folks perform now.

One that those civilization wasn"t Jenny, though, who offered Forrest his an initial pair of stylish kicks in the kind of the Nike Cortez, which, back they appear to it is in nothing an ext than basic, have proved to have actually staying power. Due to the fact that they were presented off in the "94 movie, as Nike has actually issued a few redesigns in the 40-plus year they have actually been available.

Thanks to his return skills on the Alabama Crimson tide football team, Forrest had the possibility to carry out some pretty cool things.

One of those experience came once he met previous President man F. Kennedy at The White House following his recognition as an All-American—which, the course, he left through a memorable impression.

Gump may have actually never competed for the Heisman Trophy, however being selected as among the optimal collegiate players in the country is quiet a cool honor—and mirrors Gump"s love because that sports.

Slovakian cyclist Peter Sagan could not be a family name amongst many casual sports fans, but he confirmed to have been influenced by the fictitious Forrest Gump during the 2012 tourism de France.

Winning three group stages throughout the whole competition, Sagan channeled his within Gump ~ his first win on phase 3, taking his hands off the bars and giving his ideal Gump impersonation as he overcome the finish line by swinging his arms back and forth.

And seeing the Sagan popped a wheelie throughout the end up line in this year"s event, he"s displayed to have actually the best celebrations a cyclist might ever have.

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