This blog post was requested by a customer. She couldn"t find anywhere on our website just how to select the corresponding colors for First, second and third place. What a an excellent topic and also suggestion!

as soon as ordering awards, it"s important to recognize the timeless colors because that the places. Usage the guide below for the exactly colors for the US; Canada is slightly different.

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Neck drape and also medal colors for 1st, 2nd, and third places.
First Place: Gold and blue space the colors that represent 1st place. Yellow medals are provided to the top finishers at the Olympics and also this carries end to the remainder of the awards world. Blue ribbons, blue neck drapes, and also blue obelisk are additionally used to represent an initial place. Think the the quintessential chef off, wherein the height contestant it s okay a "Blue Ribbon"!

Second Place: Silver and red symbolize 2nd place. These finishers acquire a silver- medal, and also red ribbons and neck drapes as a 2nd place prize.

Third Place: Bronze and white stand for 3rd place. Bronze medals are given to third place finishers along with white neck drapes and white ribbons.

Fourth Place: there isn"t a metal color for 4th place. For ribbons, it"s yellow.

Fifth Place: Again, no metal color for 5th place, however the ribbon shade is green.

Ribbon colors for places.
Here"s a table to help remember:

PlaceMedal ColorRibbon Color

i hope this helps through ordering from! Feel free to let me recognize if friend have any questions or various other blog object you"d favor covered around trophies and also awards by commenting below.


Editor"s Note: This article was originally published in march 2016, It has been updated for content.

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