Whether you"re just wondering what it"s all around or desire to know the days for Lent, here"s what you need to know


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Lent will begin this week but what is it and when specifically will that start?

Whether you're just wondering what it's all about or desire to know the days for Lent, here's what you should know.

What is Lent?

In the Christian calendar, Lent is the 40 days leading as much as Easter i m sorry is treated as a duration of reflection and a time for fasting native food and also festivities.

It symbolises the days which lead as much as Jesus' crucifixion and also subsequent resurrection once Christ spent 40 days and nights alone in the desert.

once does Lent start?

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday (the day after Shrove Tuesday) therefore in 2016 that's February 10.

once does Lent end?

The final day is Lent is Thursday, march 24 in 2016.

therefore is Lent 40 days?

Well, it's actually 46 days but Sundays are not included.

What is Ash Wednesday?

Ash Wednesday is seen as the day snucongo.orgme clean the soul before Lent begins.

Traditionally ashes are offered to note churchgoers ~ above the forehead v a cross, snucongo.orgme symbolise repentance for sin.

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Palm the cross from the critical Palm Sunday space used and also it is likewise said to be a reminder the death pertains to everyone.